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Chapter 1159: Wait For The Notification

That was true.

Her family did not dare to provoke her emotions due to her weak body.

Naturally, they had to work hard to create a carefree environment for her.

Therefore, Sun Xiaoshans personality was quite straightforward.

“However, I dont like her either.” Jiang Yaos answer was as honest as she could be.

“I just dont like her.

Its still the same.

Perhaps she was born with a different horoscope than me.”

After a pause, Jiang Yao said, “Her body is in a terrible state.

If she doesnt find a suitable heart for the transplant within a short period, shell only live another year at most.

So, I still feel quite sympathetic toward her.”

Then, Jiang Yao turned toward her parents in the backseat and said, “Dad, Mom, I still have to thank you.

You gave birth to me, and I look so much like her, but I am healthy! And Ive eaten well too!”

“Mmm, indeed.

I can see that youve gained a lot of weight.” Mr.

Jiang chuckled and teased Jiang Yao.

“Looks like Xingzhi has taken good care of you.”


Jiangs heart fluttered as he answered her.

He was a little worried, but he also hoped that he was overthinking it.

While Jiang Yao enjoyed her time with her loved ones in Jindo City, Lu Xingzhi ate alone in the canteen and returned to his office by himself.

Jiang Yao was not at home, so he did not go home during his lunch break.

When Zhou Junmin came to his office, Lu Xingzhi was flipping through documents.

“Sergeant, this is something that someone sent to the army just now and asked me to give it to you.” Zhou Junmin placed a tightly packed document in Lu Xingzhis hand and looked at it curiously.

“What document is so secretive By the way, Sergeant, do you have any thoughts on the mission that the chief mentioned”

“Ill wait for the notification,” Lu Xingzhi answered without raising his head.

“Thats it” Zhou Junmin shook his head in disappointment.

“The chief said that he would find female soldiers to partner with us.

Female soldiers! What a rare opportunity! Pretending to be siblings or husband and wife.

If we pretend to be husband and wife, wouldnt we be getting the moon first Do you really want to put on a fake show for this When I finish my mission, I might have a wife, and when I think about that, I get so excited that I cant sleep.

Captain, arent you excited”

Lu Xingzhi frowned and looked at Zhou Junmin.

He said, “No.”

He was a man of few words, or rather, he could not be bothered with Zhou Junmin.

“Thats true.

You already have Sister-in-law! She is beautiful and gentle.

Shes also a top student and a fantastic doctor.

With a wife like her, you probably wont even look at another woman.” Zhou Junmin smiled smugly.

“Thats fine too.

Ill get the chief to pick a prettier partner for me and arrange for you to have someone with a strong back and waist!”

Lu Xingzhi endured Zhou Junmins clamor for a few minutes.

When he saw that Zhou Junmin looked like he wanted to say more, he opened his mouth and interrupted him.

“Are you done If youre done, then leave.”

“Oh.” Zhou Junmins voice came to an abrupt stop.

After a while, he nodded before leaving Lu Xingzhis office.

As he walked, he thought to himself,With his temper, how could Sister-in-law tolerate it

How could such a person marry a wife He could speak eloquently and bring joy to other people, yet he could not find a wife.

It was simply unreasonable.

After Zhou Junmin left, Lu Xingzhi tore the document open.

Inside the document was information about Mrs.

Sun of the Sun family in Ping Cheng.

That was the information that Lu Xingzhi received after getting someone to investigate it overnight.

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