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Chapter 1151: Did He Hold Back

“We heard that uncle and auntie were coming, so we came here to freeload,” Zhao Weiqi said with a cheeky smile.

He had arrived a day earlier because he did not want to go to Jin City so early the next day.

Ah Lu and Big Ke were at his house.

The next morning, he and Chen Xuyao, including Ah Lu and Big Ke, would send the Lu and Jiang family members to Jindo City.

Jiang Yaos kidnapping also scared Zhou Weiqi badly.

Fortunately, it was a close call, and nothing happened.

Zhou Weiqi started to grumble in his heart.

He wondered if his sister-in-law was always marked for kidnappers.

She had encountered an attempted abduction in Jindo City and then another one in Nanjiang City.

The first two attempts had been unsuccessful, but she was kidnapped when she was in Jin City.

There would not be much glory in that if news about that were to spread out.

Chen Xuyao had already arrived upstairs while they were discussing.

He held a new years gift in his palm, but it was not for Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi; it was for the elders in the family.

Those New Year presents were for the elders in the Lu and the Jiang family.

There were cigarettes, alcohol, and some health products.

It was apparent that they were meticulously prepared.

Zhou Weiqi was free after Chen Xuyao arrived.

He left Chen Xuyao and Lu Xingzhi to meet with Mr.

Lu, Mr.

Jiang, and the others in the living room.

Then he walked to the bedroom to look for Jiang Yao, silently closing the door behind him.

“Sister-in-law, can I ask about what happened during the day I heard that Old Master Liang and Old Madam Liang also went to the Autumn Dew Villa.

Were they the ones to talk to Lu Xingzhi and Master Cheng” Zhou Weiqi scratched his head.

“How is it so easy with Lu Xingzhi A villa in exchange for his peace I thought he would flatten the Autumn Dew Villa and kill all Cheng familys henchmen in Jin City.”

Master Cheng only removed some of his men.

Zhou Weiqi had been in Jin City for almost half a year, so he knew that Master Cheng still had many informants and spies in Jin City.

Master Chengs kidnapping of Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao had infuriated Lu Xingzhi; he had crossed the line.

The woman from the Zhu family in Nanjiang City had failed in her kidnapping attempt, and Lu Xingzhi had thrown her abroad to fend for herself.

Even the Zhu familys head could not do anything for her.

Lu Xingzhi would not have compromised so easily even with Old Master Liang there.

If he could not kill Master Cheng, then he would take half of his life.

However, Lu Xingzhi had been too easy that day.

He wondered if Lu Xingzhis temper had simmered after Old Master Liang had left.

“Jiang Yao, is Lu Xingzhi holding back because he has a trick up his sleeves”

Zhou Weiqi was curious about that.

“If thats the case, then please advise him.

Old Master Liang had already made a move, and he had agreed to it.

Its not good for him to go back on his word.”

“He will never let me know anything about his plans.”

Even if Lu Xingzhi was planning something, Jiang Yao felt that he would find enough excuses not to make things difficult for Old Master Liang.

Lu Xingzhi was not the kind of person who did not care about the severity of a situation.

Furthermore, he had to find a reason.

Did he not already have one

Cheng Jinyan had breached the contract when he burned the Autumn Dew Villa.

Even if she did not pursue it, it did not mean that Lu Xingzhi would let the matter go.

She had promised Huang Cheng that she did not care about it, but she did not say anything about Lu Xingzhis temper or if she would help to persuade him.

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