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Chapter 1142: Long Time No See

“Master Cheng, even if Old Master Liang is here, the issue with the kidnapping of my wife is still not settled.” Lu Xingzhi changed his sitting posture and leaned against the sofa; he was unruly.

He looked at Master Cheng coldly.

Xiao Nian sat there and looked at the adults.

After he sized them up, he finally looked at Jiang Yao and asked, “Will my mother never wake up again”

The childs voice was booming, but there was a hint of tears in it.

“Youre so good at medicine, and you have a teacher whos even better at medicine.

Cant you wake my mother”

Jiang Yao looked at Xiao Nian and did not say anything.

She lowered her head and drank her tea as if she had not heard anything.

It was not that the woman could not be saved, but there was a risk.

It was not worth the risk.

“Im afraid that no one in the world can wake your mother.”

Let them treat it as if that woman could not be saved.

After Jiang Yao said that, she put the teacup back onto the table with an indifferent expression and said, “Even if my teacher comes, shell have the same diagnosis.”

“Young Madam Lu, you shouldnt be too full of yourself.

Even though you are the Divine Doctors student, you are still young and cant be compared to your teacher.

If you think that there is no cure, it doesnt mean that your teacher will have the same thought.” Master Cheng turned the teacup in his hand.

He did not trust Lu Xingzhis young wife.

Therefore, he wanted to find her teacher, the person rumored to be a miracle in the medical world.

Lu Xingzhi snorted and turned to Jiang Yao.

“Master Cheng is blind.

Wife, why are you talking to him If he wants to find the Divine Doctor, then let him find her.”

Master Chengs words sounded ridiculous to Lu Xingzhi.

The person he was looking for was right in front of him.

Lu Xingzhis words were not polite at all; even Cheng Jinyan was a little angry.

Old Master Liang arrived at the villa on time, about 20 minutes later.

The helicopter could see the mess in the villa from high up in the air.

It was apparent that it had been bombed in a small area.

Lu Xingzhi had brought people there under the name of fighting the men from the underground world.

Therefore, the higher-ups had approved the weapons for him.

“Master Cheng, Old Master Liang and Old Madam Liang have arrived.” A subordinate of the Cheng family walked into the room.

The man had just finished speaking when Old Master Liang and Old Madam Liang walked into the living room.

If not for that subordinate, Lu Xingzhi would not know that Old Madam Liang was also there.

“Xingzhi, Jiang Yao.”

After Old Madam Liang entered the room, she greeted Lu Xingzhi and his wife before she looked at Master Cheng.

“Long time no see.”

Master Cheng stood up and made a welcoming gesture when he saw the two of them.

“Its been a long time.

The last time I saw you was decades ago.

I did not expect that we would meet like this after decades of separation.” Old Master Liang held Old Madam Liangs hand and walked toward Master Cheng with a deep frown.

“Years of imprisonment havent smoothened your character at all.”

Master Cheng chuckled.

He looked at Old Master Liang holding the old ladys hand and curled his lips into a self-deprecating smile.

“Xinyou has suffered for so many years, and shes like this because she had to save Jinyan.

If it were you, do you think you would still have that composure”

Master Cheng said, “When I married her, I swore that I would never let her suffer.

Im a man, and I have to keep my word.”

“Old Master Liang, do you know Master Chengs wife”

Lu Xingzhi put his hands in his pockets, got up, and looked at Jiang Yao, who was sitting on the sofa.

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