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Chapter 1137: Not Far From Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“How is Madams health today” Master Cheng asked after they entered through the door.

Then he walked toward the bed and called out in a low voice.

“Xinyou, wake up, please.

Xiao Nian is still waiting for you to wake up and teach him how to play the piano.”

“Young Madam Lu, Im very sorry.” Cheng Jinyan waited for Xiao Nian to enter the room before he took a step back and stood beside Jiang Yao to apologize to her.

“I didnt know that would happen today.

If I had known, I would have stopped them.

Even though I wanted to ask for your help, I wouldnt use such a method.”

“Whats the point of apologizing to the police You care about your family.

Dont I have a family You brought me here like this.

Have you ever thought about how scared my family would be” Jiang Yao snorted and ignored him; she did not walk until she was pushed into the room.

When she entered the room, she sized up the room that had been converted into a ward.

She thought that Master Cheng must have put in a lot of effort for his wife.

Then, she casually threw a glance at the motionless person on the bed, but the scene shocked her.

She subconsciously reached out to touch her face and then looked at the person on the bed.

It turned out that there were people in the world who could look so similar without any familial relationship at all.

It was no wonder Cheng Jinyans brother looked so similar to her; the little devils mother, Xinyou, looked almost the same as her.

Even though the woman on the bed was more than 40 years old, her facial features and the outline of her face were the same as hers.

It was so similar that even Jiang Yao was speechless.

It was very natural for Xiao Nian to look a little like her.

The other part of the resemblance must have been from Master Cheng.

One could also say that Xiao Nian resembled Cheng Jinyan.

However, when she considered Cheng Jinyans age, Jiang Yao had some doubts about the Cheng family.

The woman on the bed would not have given birth to a son who was Cheng Jinyans age.

Furthermore, he looked nothing like her; he would not have been her biological son.

However, Cheng Jinyan did not fake his worry and nervousness about that woman.

He also did not fake his affection for his younger brother.

Cheng Jinyan and Xiao Nian must be half-brothers.

However, the family seemed to be getting along very well.

The woman was in a vegetative state, and the other three people in the family were worried about her.

Since Master Cheng had kidnapped her and brought her there, she had no room to be lenient with the Cheng family.

Jiang Yao did not plan to treat the woman, but out of curiosity, Jiang Yao still scanned the womans physical condition.

The results of the scan were out, and it was a little unexpected.

The woman was in a coma because of a serious gunshot wound.

The doctor was helpless, so she ended up in a vegetative state.

The bullet was still in the womans brain; it was in a dangerous position.

No doctor would dare to remove that bullet for the woman.

The surgery had a 99% mortality rate.

If the surgery failed, the woman would die.

The position of the bullet in the womans brain was very tricky.

It was not easy to get it, but it would not kill the woman immediately.

It would only make the woman remain in a coma.

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