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Chapter 1119: Who Is He

“Director Jiang.” Cheng Jinyan saw the joy on Jiang Yaos face.

“It must be fate; we met twice in one day.

You just came out of surgery, right”

“I cant hide anything from you, Director Cheng.”

Jiang Yao smiled lightly.

Cheng Jinyan did not explain why he knew that Jiang Yao had been in surgery with the baby.

Instead, he asked about the outcome of the surgery.

“It went very smoothly.”

Jiang Yao guessed that Cheng Jinyan probably knew about it.

Since he knew about the surgery, it also meant that he had paid attention to his movements.

He must have known about the outcome, but he asked that question because he wanted more information from her.

It was almost New Years Eve, so Cheng Jinyan was not at the hospital for a vacation.

An important family member must have been admitted to the hospital.

He must have paid attention to her surgery because of that family member.

While Jiang Yao exchanged pleasantries with Cheng Jinyan, Lu Xingzhi glanced at the other man.

He knew that Cheng Jinyan was Huang Chengjings friend and the Golden Phoenix Jewellers other boss, but Lu Xingzhi had not known that Cheng Jinyan had a son.

Yes, that must be his son.

He did not know that Cheng Jinyan had a son who looked so similar to his wife! So identical that one could not make sense of it at all!

Lu Xingzhi looked at the boys tender face, and his mood fell.

He hated the boys face.

He felt as if that boy had stolen his future childs face!

That face should belong to Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos child.

Of course, it would be perfect if the childs eyebrows and nose were replaced with miniature versions of his.

That was how Lu Xingzhis child should look in the future!

“Auntie, who is he”

The little boy interrupted Jiang Yao and Cheng Jinyans conversation; he raised his hand to point at Lu Xingzhi.

Cheng Jinyan glanced at Lu Xingzhi and then slapped the little boys raised hand.

“Its very rude and uncultured to point your finger at someone.”


The little boy withdrew his hand and said crisply, “But he glared at me just now!”

Lu Xingzhis eyebrows twitched in surprise.

That child did not seem to be afraid of him at all.

Lu Xingzhi had no affinity with children since he was young.

No child liked to stand by his side and chat with him.

When he got older, any child who looked at him would be so scared that they would cry.

Even a naughty child would quiet down when they saw him until he left.

Even a child like Ge Wenwen was afraid of him.

Therefore, he was quite surprised that the child who looked so much like his wife would be so bold.

The boys personality was something he had imagined his future child would have.

Lu Xingzhi would like to think that his children would not be as cowardly as the other children.

If he had a daughter, he would spoil her like a princess and cheer her up every day.

If he had a son, he would teach him to be an indomitable man.

He heard the little boy complain to Cheng Jinyan, but the other man chose to ignore it and said, “He is the husband of that…young and beautiful auntie.”

“Young and beautiful I dont think so.” The little boy shrugged.

“Mom is much more beautiful than her!”

Jiang Yao did not know what to say to ease the awkwardness.

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