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Chapter 1117: Is That So

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The doctor was probably intimidated by Jiang Yaos stance as an associate chief physician.

He nodded his head repeatedly, like a chicken pecking at rice, as if he was still an intern.

“Send the child to the sterile ward for 24-hour observation.

After five days, if there are no other problems, you can discharge him.” Jiang Yao turned around and called Gu Haoyu.

She said, “Tell your neighbors that I will provide the medicine.

I can guarantee that it is safe for the baby.”

Gu Haoyu nodded in response and turned around to talk to his neighbors.

Luo Ruoran stood at the side and helped Jiang Yao translate in a low voice.

She knew that Gu Haoyu had translated her words, and he also said that he would pay for the babys medical fees.

Jiang Yao was taken aback when she heard the fees amount that Gu Haoyu had mentioned.

It was so astronomical that even the couple was shocked.

The couple probably did not expect that a young female doctors surgery cost would be so high.

It was only a single surgery; it did not include any medication.

“Tell them I will do this pro bono because they are adopting the baby; its for a good cause.

I will not charge them anything.

I only hope that the child can grow up happily and healthily by their side in the future.

However, they will have to discuss the hospitals fees with the Welfare Department.”

After all, Jiang Yao had nothing to do with the hospital.

Just because she would not charge them anything, it did not mean that the hospital would do the same thing.

Even though the hospital was an organization that treated patients and saved lives, they still needed to earn money.

After Gu Haoyu heard Jiang Yaos words, he smiled and turned around to translate for the foreign couple.

Then, they immediately walked over to Jiang Yao and thanked her repeatedly.

Jiang Yao understood their thank yous, so she gave them a simple reply.

The nurse pushed the child into the sterile ward.

The foreign couple carried their little girl and went with her.

An employee from the Welfare Department followed them as well.

Then, only a few people from the hospital, Jiang Yao, and the others, remained.

The people who had been waiting outside to watch the show had already dispersed.

Most of them went back to the ward to continue their work, and some went to dinner.

“Hello, I heard Second Young Master Gu mention that you are the Divine Doctors student.

Is that so”

A doctor in his forties pushed his glasses upward and walked toward Jiang Yao.

He used honorifics as soon as he spoke.

Even though the lady in front of him was young enough to be his daughter, he looked at her with respect as she could be the Divine Doctors student.

Although that girl looked very young, her medical skills had stunned everyone.

She did not even look tired, even though the surgery lasted five to six hours.

Furthermore, the babys difficult condition appeared to have improved in her hands.

She had a strategy in mind.

She was not concerned that she could not cure the baby.

She did not even think it was troublesome at all.

Blood diseases had always been complicated and troublesome.

Moreover, it was a few-month-old child.

The slightest mistake in the medicine dosage would endanger the childs life.

It was almost expected for an emergency to happen during a surgery.

However, she did not even need to ask for assistance.

She completed the surgery by herself.

If word got out, it would shock almost everyone in the medical world.

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