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Chapter 1094: It Was A Satisfactory Result

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He did not like desserts; it was so sweet that he was sick of it.


Lu Xingzhi finally understood the meaning behind Jiang Yaos indescribable expression.

Jiang Yaos taste was the same as his; they did not really like sweet things.

In the army, he and Jiang Yao could even enjoy soybean milk without any sugar.

“Take it out and let Xiaoxiao eat it.”

Lu Xingzhi picked up the whole cake and urged Jiang Yao to open the kitchen door.

“She is greedy and loves sweets.

Let her eat this.”

At that moment, Lu Xiaoxiao, who was in the living room, did not know that she had become a dessert box in someones eyes.

She was still waiting for Jiang Yao to finish baking the cake.

After she waited for a few minutes, the kitchen door finally opened.

As expected, Lu Xingzhi came out with the cake.

She could not sit still anymore and stood up to go to the table.

Even though everyone had just finished eating, it was rare for Jiang Yao to bake a cake, so everyone tried a few mouthfuls.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi thought that the cake was too sweet, but they all thought it was delicious.

Jiang Yao looked at their expressions and could not tell if they were telling the truth or if they were just kind.

She did not care.

She treated it as if everyone thought it was delicious.

Then, she got even more motivated and went back to the kitchen.

She worked hard to back two more cakes for her parents to take home for her brothers and sisters-in-law to try.

Time seemed to pass very quickly in her hometown.

She had to head back to the army with Lu Xingzhi as soon as she learned how to make the cakes.

Second Uncle Lu took them to the airport; they had to go to the city to catch a plane.


and Mrs.

Lu were also there to see them off.

“Alright, get on the plane.

Dont waste time.

Well see each other again in five or six days.

Its not that hard to part with each other now.” Lu Yuqing looked at Jiang Yao, who was reluctant to leave, and teased, “You have Xingzhi; you can part with everyone else easily.”


Lu raised her hand and hit Lu Yuqing.

“Dont listen to your sister.” Then she pinched Jiang Yaos palm.

“The north is quite different from the south.

Remember to tell Xingzhi if youre not used to living there.

Youre a girl; dont force yourself.”

“Dont worry, Mom.

Im used to it already.” Jiang Yao sniffed and then let Lu Xingzhi hold her hand as they boarded the plane.

The plane flew directly to Tianjin Airport.

Zhou Junmin drove Lu Xingzhis car to pick them up.

He was happy to see Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao with him.

“Sister-in-law, dont worry.

No one in the army dares talk nonsense now.

Oh, right! Major Hes parents have already gone back two days ago.” Zhou Junmin was happy when he mentioned that.

“That old womans mouth is too evil.

Fortunately, Major He is a smart man; he knows that his mother will only cause trouble for him in the army, and he quickly got his father to bring her back.”

“Commissar Wang gave the military family members a political and ideological lesson” Lu Xingzhi was concerned about that.

“Yes, for two consecutive days.

Commissar Wang gave the lesson personally.

It was not only the military family members who attended; we also attended the lesson!” Zhou Junmin said.

“Wang Quansheng and Major He were also locked up and given demerits.”

Lu Xingzhi acknowledged that with a soft grunt, but his expression relaxed a little.

Clearly, that answer made him very satisfied.

So, he was in a good mood, and he spoke more with Zhou Junmin.

“After the New Year, we will set up a base for the special forces in the military region in Province A.

I just received that news.”

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