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Chapter 1084: Another Madman

Before Jiang Yao could say anything else, she saw a man emerge from under a cold and quiet stall.

The man dashed toward her position as he shouted in an excited voice.

“Honey, youre back Honey, youre back”

When Jiang Yao saw that, she was so scared that she shouted Lu Xingzhis name.

“Lu Xingzhi! The madman from the train station is here!”

When Jiang Yao saw that person run toward her, she turned around and bolted.

Even though he looked much cleaner than the man from half a year ago, Jiang Yao still recognized him at a glance.

When she heard him calling her his wife again, what else could she do other than run

She could not beat up that crazy person in front of so many people, right

She had the ability, but Lu Xingzhi did not allow her to show her skills in front of anyone.

She could only protect herself.

Lu Xingzhi was waiting for the stall owner to give him change for his purchase.

When he heard Jiang Yaos scream, he turned around and ran out without taking anything.

After he chased the man for two to three meters, he grabbed the man and threw him heavily to the ground.

However, the madman did not seem to know pain.

He got up and wanted to continue to chase after Jiang Yao.

At the same time, he cried in Jiang Yaos direction.

“Honey, youre back! Lets go home!”

That was simply a replay of the incident at the train station.

The only difference was that Jiang Yao was not thrown to the ground.

When he heard the madman called for his wife in Jiang Yaos direction, Lu Xingzhis veins almost popped.

He held it in for a long time; he did not hit the person on the ground.

“Why is this madmans family not taking him away” Lu Xingzhi roared angrily.

“Hey, isnt that the Lin familys crazy son”

A few stall owners surrounded him.

However, Lu Xingzhis imposing manner was too frightening; no one dared to go and pull him away.

Those who were a little bolder stood at the side and said, “That is a crazy man.

Dont argue with him.”

“They should lock him at home; he shouldnt be out here scaring other people!”

Lu Xiaoxiao stepped forward and said, “Didnt you see how he scared my sister-in-law when he chased after her just now What if he hurts her”

Lu Yuqing frowned and nodded.

“It looks like he might hurt someone.

Its better to lock him up at home.

Is his family here”

“She was just here.

She might have gone to the bathroom,” the stall owner explained as he walked out with a large bag of 20 kilograms of oranges and the change he wanted to give to Lu Xingzhi.

“Auntie Lins stall is right next to mine.

She might have walked away for a while.

Her son is a fool, but hes not usually like that.

He just squats by the roadside and watches passersby every day.

Ive never seen him chase anyone like that.”

“What No”

He had chased them at the train station the day he sent his wife to school.

How dare they say he had never done that

“No! He hasnt! Auntie Lin has been setting up her stall here for almost half a year.

Her son has been following her.

Every day, he squats by the stall and sits on the steps to watch the people coming and going.

Its not like today.

Maybe its because there are too many people and hes scared.

Your wife is fine, so dont hurt a fool like him.

Its not easy for Auntie Lin to take care of her son alone.”

The stall owner was a kind-hearted person.

He looked at the fool who was still struggling to get up, but Lu Xingzhi had stepped on him.

He crouched and said to the madman, “Xiao Lin, stop fooling around.

Your mother will be back soon.

Go sit at the side and wait, okay”

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