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Chapter 1068: With Fourth Brother

When Lu Xingzhi came back from the phone call, he heard Jiang Yaos crisp voice.

He could tell that she was extremely happy at the moment.

He put his phone back into his pocket and sat down on the small stool beside Jiang Yao.

Her long legs seemed to be in the way, but he did not mind them at all.

“Where are we going” Lu Xingzhi asked casually.

“I was talking to Eldest Brother about them going to Jindo City for a vacation after the new year.

I will be there too.

If youre not free, I can go there to accompany them.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“Theres an airport in the city.

Its a direct flight to Jindo City.

Its only a few hours away, so its very convenient!”

“Sure, Ill call my parents and my second uncle.

The two families can go together and have some company.” Lu Xingzhi thought that that was a good idea.

Jiang Jie was also tempted.

He got up and went to the kitchen to discuss the matter with the people who were busy inside.

“Eldest Brother, you have a short temper too!” Jiang Yao leaned her head on Lu Xingzhis leg and half-laid on it.

She looked at the sky and teased Jiang Jie, who had already gone far away.

Then, she turned her gaze back to Lu Xingzhis handsome face above her head.

She raised her hand and pinched Lu Xingzhis face arrogantly.

“Youve been on the phone all day today.

Are you very busy Which little lover are you on the phone with”

That was purely a joke.

However, Lu Xingzhis phone call was genuine.

He had been at it while they were home in the morning and had been on the phone again for nearly half an hour just then.

“Do you have something important to do Should we return to the army”

“It was just Fourth Brother.” Lu Xingzhi was very disdainful of Jiang Yaos insinuation about a lover, so he immediately explained.

Then, he said, “Its nothing important.

I just asked someone to arrange for Chen Lanying to be imprisoned for a few months on the charge of abandoning her baby.

Fourth Brother told me that the plans are nearly complete.

However, since Chen Lanying is still nursing, it will only be carried out a few months later.”

Jiang Yao did not expect Lu Xingzhi and the others would talk about that matter over the phone for the entire morning.

Therefore, she was extremely shocked after she heard his explanation.

“I didnt even have the time to ask you how things were going with the army.” Lu Xingzhi had gone to Zhou Weiqis place to pick her up.

The two of them had rushed to the airport, and they had been in public all that time.

Therefore, they did not talk about these private matters.

After they returned home, Lu Xingzhi had been thinking about torturing her, and she did not remember to ask about that matter.

“Chen Lanying came to the military personally to clarify the truth of the matter.

Major He brought his mother with the other report, then went to my office to apologize to me.

Major Hes mother should have left by the time we returned to the military.”

“So the other report was written by Old Madam He” Jiang Yao was so shocked that her jaw almost could not close.

She thought an uncultured person like that old woman would only speak ill of others behind their backs.

She did not expect that she would actually do such a thing.

It was shocking that uncultured people would play tricks on others.

“Major He doesnt know, right” After Jiang Yao asked that, she felt that her question was unnecessary, so she asked again, “Major He doesnt seem like a person who would do such a thing, so he definitely doesnt know about his mother.

That old womans methods are really endless.

That day, I heard her say a few words downstairs, but I did not expect that she would do so many things the next day.

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