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She was probably the most submissive she had ever been ever since they got married.

She so obediently sat next to him that Lu Xingzhi looked shocked and surprised.

“Mom is cutting the fruits in the kitchen.

Drink some water to moisten your throat.” Lu Xingzhi reached over to pour a glass of water for Jiang Yao, only to find that the water was cold.

He got up and went to the kitchen to reheat the tea.

When Mrs.

Lu came out from the kitchen with a plate of cut-up watermelon and grapes, she witnessed their interaction and her sons response.

No mother in the world would be happy to see their sons, whom they pampered and coddled, bowing down to other women with tameness like a dog pleasing its owner.

Therefore, Mrs.

Lu snorted before walking over to the living room.

She glared at Jiang Yao and felt rather anguished and agitated.

As a mother, she knew how much her son adored his wife, but Jiang Yao didnt seem to warm up to her son at all.


Lu was very upset and dismayed whenever she thought about this.

“Its so hot and humid, why do you want to drink hot water” Mrs.

Lu chided gently.

After placing the plate of fruits on the table, Mrs.

Lu turned back to the kitchen, snatched the glass from Lu Xingzhis hand, and huffed.

“And you! Jiang Yao is a grown-up, why are you treating her like a three-year-old kid Do you need to handle everything for her Do you need to feed her or dress her too You havent drunk a sip of water since you came home, have you Look at you, sweating like a dog.

Others dont feel bad for you but your mother does! Go and wait outside, Ill serve your wife for you!”

“Mom, shes sick,” Lu Xingzhi explained in a resigned tone.

He patted his moms shoulder to express gratitude before leaving the kitchen, knowing that his mom would not let him do anything if he stayed here.


Lus underlying argument was obvious.

She was blaming Jiang Yao for her sons own efforts.

Thankfully, she did not say it too harshly.

She peeked at the jumbo clock in the living room, mumbling about her daughter and son-in-laws late arrival.

Truth be told, nagging flowed in all mothers blood.

After her rambling, she heard some noises outside the door.

She looked towards the living room and shouted at Lu Xingzhi, “Your sister and brother-in-law are home, go and welcome them!”

Lu Xingzhi didnt move at her order.

Instead, Mr.

Lu uttered, “Theyre not outsiders, its our daughter and son-in-law.

Do you think this is a hotel They know their way in.”

Jiang Yao, on the other hand, felt a little awkward to continue sitting.

However, just when she was about to get up, Lu Xingzhi stretched his arm and pulled her back onto the sofa.

“Youre unwell.

Sit down and dont move around.”

After he finished speaking, Lu Yuqing and her husband Zhao Zhuangzong opened the door and entered the house.

Lu Yuqing had a downcast expression on her face when she entered, though.


Lus motherly instinct kicked in as she rushed toward her daughter after seeing her expression and asked in a concerned tone, “Yuqing, whats the matter Why are you upset”

“Mom, dont ask me.

Ask your precious daughter-in-law!” Getting around her mother, Lu Yuqing walked straight into the house.

She scanned the living room and saw the three people sitting on the sofa.

She strode toward Jiang Yao, raised her hand, and threw an item mercilessly at Jiang Yaos face.

Her motion was so sudden that Lu Xingzhi was taken by surprise and could not stop it in time.

He saw a letter flying toward Jiang Yaos face and then falling onto her knee, the sharp edges of the letter leaving a blood-red mark across Jiang Yaos tender and fair skin.

He berated, “Lu Yuqing, what are you doing!”

He called her out by her full name, indicating his burning rage of fury.

“You idiot!” Lu Yuqing was so angry when she saw that Lu Xingzhi was about to tear her apart.

“Why dont you ask your dear wife what has she done”

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