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Blood Titan System Chapter 30 Unlimited Nuclear Power

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Erian's face instantly fell along with his heart dropped slightly. It was actually a rare beast. How was that even possible

Beasts, Colossals, gigantic Beasts in this world are divided into various categories. Normal, Rare , Legendary and Mythic creatures. Erian had no idea what was next after Mythic creatures, but they were each incredibly powerful than the latter at the same level. This was a rare beast and was just at level eight, but its potential is far higher than that of a normal level nine creature. Obviously its strength is way above its current level. Therefore, Erian didn't dare underestimate the beast.

Slowly, he withdrew the smaller horn with his left hand while he clenched his right.


​ A seemingly sharp gust of wind blew, but it was actually the steel-body Terror Rattus, accelerating with the velocity of a bullet.

Erian caught a glimpse of a shadow rapidly heading towards him, appearing before him in the blink of an eye.

His eyes darkened and he instantly let out an explosive punch.


Erian's body trembled and he skidded backwards with an ugly expression. It was as though he had heavily punched a large metallic surface. His entire arm was completely numb and a dull pain travelled through his muscles.

"What speed!"

The beast was dragged a few inches backwards also, it's yellow beady eyes stared playfully at Erian. This human was its prey, but it appears this prey might be a little difficult than the others.

The Steel-Body Terror Rattus was very confident in its defence. As a result, apart from halting its movements, Erian's punch didn't deal much damage to it. For that reason, it was least scared of Erian's retaliation.

It faded into another blur and arrived beside Erian, its long claw slashed through the air, swiping heavily towards Erian's chest like a sharp blade.

Erian hurriedly twisted his upper body sideways as though he was performing the seventh movement of the Eternal Physique Optimization Art.

The claw brushed past him and blood spurted out as the claw brushed past his chest. Erian immediately felt the sting, but luckily it was only a flesh wound. Using the momentum, his waist twisted and his leg lifted upwards like a whip, colliding loudly with the waist of the beast.


The Steel -body Terror Rattus's body flew through the air as it slammed heavily towards a heap of syringes, instantly crushing a few into shards and sending the rest scattering in all directions.

Knowing when to take advantage of opportunities, Suddenly, his feet touched the ground just like a flying swallow, as his hand formed a fist. His body was strangely lowered to the ground and was running in a weird path without patterns. Instead of a straight line, he looked like a poisonous snake hunting for its target that could release a deadly attack any second and jumped towards the beast.

A dense amount of nuclear energy emerged from his core and clustered right on his two fists. He instantly struck out consequently.

"Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!"

Clumps of nuclear energy exploded in the air forcing Erian to take a few steps back. His feet heavily touched the grass, crushing a few items beneath his feet.

After the three consecutive strikes, Erian felt the nuclear energy in his body had been used, making him feel slightly weak. If it was another person, it was only matter of time before the person is exhausted to death but Erian has the assurance if the system to promptly refill his energy reserves. With a thought, the system refilled his nuclear energy, making him feel refreshed once more.

He then glanced towards the beast to check its situation.

The beast was currently bleeding on its head. It appears to have a fist-sized dent on its head with blood sipping out from the hole.

Erian's face fell, the beast's head was just too strong even after using up all of his nuclear energy, he was still unable to kill the beast.

The Steel-body Terror Rattus was immediately furious! Nuclear energy started accumulating around its body making its fur shine with a lustre. The cold night was seen to turn even colder, making it feel like winter within the outskirt of the forest.

Suddenly, its feet touched the ground and just almost like a bullet released from a gun, its speed drastically increased letting it fade away tk the human sight as though it disappeared, only to reappear right before Erian!

"Shit! It's actually a skill! "

This movement was quick and invincible to the naked eye. With the use of the nuclear energy accumulated within its nucleus, its bodily cells had reached their peak, increasing its speed and letting its momentum reach the maximum velocity it could achieve. Although it was not very powerful, this skill was more than enough to outmatch any level nine being.


The air seemed as though it was sliced open, it's sharp claws replicated into hidden knives shooting towards Erian from every angle, no space to escape!

Erian's face turned solemn. Not caring if his body could handle it, he forced his entire body's nuclear energy into his fist and punched out repeatedly "Die for me!"

Power pushed to the limit, Erian did not back down, his fists punched out continuously, and nuclear energy flared around his fists. They were like a thousand arrows rapidly being shot out, like an endless river, they brutally smashed against the beast's countless shadow claw.

All of the sudden, the explosions were heard everywhere. Waves of wind constantly gusted out, blowing over the whole area with a strength that could easily blow a level five beast away.

The shadows of the claws were instantly crushed to pieces under the immense power.

A powerful wave of energy exploded outwards as the beast was sent smacking backwards with a loud crash.

Erian breathed roughly, but he knew he couldn't delay. He quickly moved forwards with his weird slithering movement technique. He was like a vicious python sneaking up to its prey when it wasn't looking, catching the beast off guard.

An even loud shrill escaped from the mouth of the Steel-body Terror Rattus as intense pain stabbed through its brain.

The beast struggled hard, but Erian wasn't planning on giving up. Pushing the horn through its eyes, its beady eyeball popped like a balloon, sending bloody tissues sprawling out in all directions.

Its long sharp tail moving in reflex to stab at Erian. After the previous experience with the Twin-horned Crocodile, Erian had learnt from it and knew to be wary of tails. Shoring off his insane flexibility, Erian dodged the sharp tail and punched heavily at the horn which was now deeply embedded in the skull of the beast. Finally, its struggle slowed and after one last squeak, it died grievously.

Name: Steel-body Terror Rattus]


[Level: Eight]

[Quality: Rare]

[nuclear Energy: 2109 points]

[Effect: A rare female Rattus specie. Can increase one's agility if it's well prepared and eaten over a long period of time.]

[Extractable: Tough skin which can rival a Spartan Body Armor.]

[Too weak to form Extractable DNA particles but contains Nucleus with massive energies stored within]



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