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Ding Lan thought shed recruited an obedient girl, but she turned out to be ambitious and dangerous.

Tong Qin smiled at Ding Lan, but she glanced at Sheng Yang from the corners of her eyes.

She was her goal.



Sheng Yang returned home.

Since Tong Liang wanted her to help, she would go along with him.

Was that man really going to give her this order

Sheng Yang wasnt convinced.

She was a little confused this time.

What was he thinking

It just so happened that Yi Juncheng had returned.

He realized that the little girl, who had always been obsessed with work, was actually quite obedient and cute today.

As soon as he returned, she brought a plate of grapes over for him to eat.

Yi Juncheng wasnt usually like this, but today, he was a little arrogant.

“Feed me.”

Sheng Yangs tender hand was about to peel the grapes for him when Yi Juncheng took a look and snatched the plate from her hand.

After peeling the grapes with his slender hand, he handed her the little fruits and let her continue feeding them to him.

Sheng Yang: “”

She couldnt understand this unnecessary little flirtation.

But she did as she was told.

She fed the grapes to his thin lips.

His thin lips parted slightly, making him look even sexier as he bit into the grapes.

This fox!

Sheng Yang couldnt stop her face from burning.

He ate the grapes without batting an eyelid, and his peach blossom eyes were too alluring.

Sheng Yang had no doubt that their son would also look like this in the future.


‘Huh Their son

Sheng Yang was silent.

She had no plans to have children for the time being.

She didnt even have plans to get married, let alone have children.

Other peoples ideals were the sea of stars.

Hers were relativity, physical quantum, biological genetics…

“What is it” Yi Juncheng asked directly.

If she didnt have a motive, she wouldnt appear so obedient and sensible.

Sheng Yang didnt want to answer.

As someone who knew psychology, she wanted to see it from his expression.

Otherwise, wouldnt she be admitting defeat if she told him Unexpectedly, this fox didnt leave behind any clues and asked her about it first.

Helpless, Sheng Yang spoke directly.

Yi Juncheng smiled without saying anything.

Then, under Sheng Yangs gaze, he said, “Guess.”

‘Well, arent you circling back Whats the point of asking again

“Forget it if you dont want to tell me.” Sheng Yang walked straight upstairs as if she was really angry.

This worked.

Yi Juncheng immediately panicked and grabbed her hand.

He looked ready to tell her everything.

“I plan to use the Hall of One Mans Rule as your betrothal gift.

Of course, its not just the Hall of One Mans Rule.

There are many…”


There were too many.

He wouldnt be able to finish listing them out in just a short while.

With his parents gone and no one to handle his marriage, he was in charge of it himself.

Sheng Yang was stunned that he looked ready to give her all his assets.

She naturally knew what a betrothal gift was, but she had never thought that Yi Juncheng, who was quite unruly, would follow such an old rule.

However, she listened to him with interest because he looked like he was about to confess to her all his assets.

That way, she would know all his aliases.


In the end, all he said wasmany other things.

Her pricked ears immediately dropped back down.

She wasnt interested in his betrothal gifts, only in his identities.

Yi Juncheng laughed and said in a low and magnetic voice, “Yangyang, are you focusing on the wrong thing”

“No, I have what you have.

Its just…” Sheng Yang blinked.

“If you give me everything, what will you do”

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