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Li Gui stood on the spot with a complicated expression on her face.

She looked sad as she grabbed the sides of her pants with both hands.

It had been so many years!

Every month… her mother would use Qiao Mei as a reason to come to her place to get money and other things.

Due to the fact that this happened so many times, the Zhang family did not treat her well at all.

They even said that she was a heartless person who helped others while they provided for her.


This even became the reason for Li Gui being beaten up countless times.


Was this the truth

Her mother had lied to her and Qiao Mei had never received anything!

“How much money did she take from you Is it all because of me” Qiao Mei looked at the poor woman in front of her and sighed in her heart.

She had seen her fair share of pitiful people.

However, it was rare to see someone who had been scammed by her own mother for more than 10 years.

“Every month, it was about two or three dollars… Sometimes if something happened, Id have to give more…”

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Memories flashed across Li Guis empty eyes.

She had to turn in her salary every month.

In addition to her salary, she might get some loose change and could manage to save up a few dollars.

She would give two to three dollars to Old Madam Li and another portion of the money to the children that her husband had with his ex-wife.

She would then only have a few cents left for her biological children.

All her money was spent cleanly and clearly.

“You gave her so much money”

Wang Qin was shocked.

She was an accountant, so she naturally could work out the sums quickly.

Based on two to three dollars a month, that worked out to three to four hundred dollars over the years.

In the current day and age, three to four hundred dollars might be the entire monetary assets of a family in the countryside.

This Old Madam Li was really black-hearted!

Wang Qin took a look at Li Gui and could tell that she had scrimped and saved all these years just to save up this money. She probably did not even have many pieces of clothing, right

The money had all gone into Old Madam Lis pocket.

How pitiful and pathetic!

“Li Gui, are you even your mothers biological daughter All these years, she took money from you like a vampire sucking blood.

In the end, the money all ended up in her pocket and not a single cent went to Qiao Mei.

Its really rare to see such a mother!”

Although Wang Qin currently felt that Li Gui was very pitiful, she would not pity her, nor would she stop mocking her.

She would only be happy when she saw Qiao Mei and Li Gui feeling uncomfortable!

Li Gui knew that Wang Qin had said that on purpose.

However, she could not help but feel sad.

She believed what Qiao Mei said about not having received any money or stuff.

This was because Qiao Mei was standing right in front of her, looking so fair and beautiful and classy.

How could anyone still believe what Old Madam Li said

Li Gui felt that she had been deceived by the entire world and got very depressed.

Wang Qin took a look and realized that Li Gui was really sad.

She felt a little happier and continued, “Mei Mei, you have to take back the money your mother gave your grandmother.

That was your mothers hard-earned money.

Look at how tired your mother is now, she looks as if she has aged 10 years.”

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Qiao Mei looked at her without any expression and said, “This is my business.

You can leave now.

Remember my words and dont come over again.”

With that, she pulled Li Gui into the house and closed the courtyard door with a bang.


There was still a big wooden stick at the door.

If she dared to come in again, she would not be polite.

Wang Qin shook her head in disappointment and left.

She felt that not being able to see the mother and daughter in a fight was her loss and that she had made a wasted trip.

After Li Gui entered through the door, Qiao Mei led her into the house.

Li Gui saw Qiao Qiang the moment she entered the house.

She was a little afraid now.

After all, she was the one who got remarried and did not take good care of Qiao Mei.

“Take a seat.

Tell me what happened all these years What did my grandmother tell you” Qiao Mei asked her to sit down and poured her a glass of water before pushing the plate of fruits on the table in front of her.



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