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Wang Qin curled the corners of her lips, crossed her arms and said, “Look at the kind of mother you are.

Your child is already married and all grown up, yet you have never come back for a visit.

How heartless of you.”

In the past, Li Guis relationship with Wang Qin was not too bad.

Wang Qin was eloquent and Li Gui did her work quickly.

The two of them were relatives and did not have any conflicts.

On the surface, they got along with each other.

But now…

Wang Qin put on an arrogant attitude to look at her and talk to her and she felt uncomfortable.

Besides, it was not as if she did not care about Qiao Mei.

She had saved all the money she had at the risk of being beaten up by the Zhang family and given it all to Qiao Mei.

“Although I didnt come over, I asked my mother to give Qiao Mei some money and stuff every month.

I didnt treat her badly!” At this point, Li Gui felt a little aggrieved.

Although her mother had told her not to tell outsiders about Qiao Meis past, Wang Qin was a fellow villager and not an outsider.

It was fine to talk about these things now.

After all, they were all from the same village and everyone knew Qiao Meis character.

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Li Gui did not want everyone to misunderstand her either.

She was not a heartless mother but was very concerned about Qiao Mei instead, and she should not have to end up with such a reputation.

Wang Qin widened her eyes and looked at her in disbelief.

She said in shock, “What did you say You give Qiao Mei some money and stuff every month”

“Yes!” Li Gui said without hesitation.

“I will give Qiao Mei some money every month.

My mother said that she sent it to Qiao Meis house every month so that she wont starve.”

My mother had been coming over to give Qiao Mei money and stuff all these years.

Had Wang Qin never seen her before Why did she look so surprised

Wang Qin stood on the spot, took a deep breath and lowered her hands from her chest to stop herself from laughing.

I cant believe it!

It is unbelievable that such a thing had actually happened in the village.


Wang Qin endured it for a while before saying, “Let me tell you, your mother has never come to our Datian Village once.

Weve never seen any of your money or stuff or whatever.”

“Its been more than 10 years… and she hasnt been here once!”

This statement sent Li Gui into a state of shock and disbelief.

She immediately retorted, “Thats impossible, youre lying!”

“Oh right, she did come here.

A few days ago, she came to Qiao Meis house and was chased away.

She then got her granddaughter-in-law to go to Qiao Meis house every day to be a freeloader.

Everyone in the village knows about it.”

Wang Qin continued, “Go and ask around if you dont believe me! If anyone says that I have lied to you about this, Ill let you take over my position as the village accountant!”

After promising that, Wang Qin covered her mouth and laughed again.

Li Gui was completely petrified and rooted to the spot.

Given that Wang Qin spoke so confidently, it was very likely the truth.

Wang Qin grabbed Li Guis hand.

“Come on, lets go.

Ill take you to Qiao Meis house and you can ask her yourself.

Although that child has a bad temper, shes also honest and doesnt like to lie.

Youll know everything once you ask her.

Dont say that I lied to you!”

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At this moment, Qiao Mei was standing in the courtyard watering the vegetable field.

Now that the saplings at home had already borne fruits, they were about to die.

Although it meant that she had a lot of fruits to eat, the growth cycle of her plants was very short.

She did not want a situation whereby the vegetables and saplings in her courtyard got all withered when the plants in other peoples houses were still green and flourishing.

It would look a little out of place.

After Qiao Mei tidied up the courtyard, she picked a sweet watermelon and placed it inside the big basin in the courtyard.

The basin was filled with cold water from the well and it would definitely be very delicious when they eat it later.

She wiped her hands happily and was about to sit down to rest.

A voice that was filled with uncontrollable joy came from the courtyard door.


“Mei Mei, come and see whos back.

Look!” Wang Qins voice sounded at the door.


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