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“She married very well.

It was actually an arranged marriage between children.

Hes a young man from the city and a soldier.

I heard that hes very handsome,” Old Madam Li said sulkily.

If she had known that Qiao Meis arranged marriage partner was from the city and a soldier with such a good family background, the Li family might have been willing to raise her.

If the Li family raised her…

Then wouldnt her betrothal gifts, the bicycle in the courtyard and the sewing machine all belong to the Li family

What a loss!

Hearing this, Li Gui happily heaved a sigh of relief.

It was as if the turbid breath in her chest had finally been expelled and she felt much better.

Now that she knew Qiao Mei had married into a good family, she felt so much better.

“Ill go tomorrow, Ill go and see her tomorrow!”

Li Gui spoke up.

“Aye, okay, okay, okay.

When you go and visit her, remember to remind her to tell her grandfather to let our Li family move into your Datian Village.” Old Madam Li glanced at Li Gui and then reminded her.

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“When you go over, dont talk about the past anymore.

Now that Qiao Mei has changed, dont go asking for trouble.

Otherwise, Im worried shell be unhappy.”

Li Gui nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

She felt that her mother was really very good to Qiao Mei, doing the best to think for the child in every way.


It must be because my mother likes children, so she dotes on Qiao Mei very much.

Although she did not treat me well, it is unquestionable that she really treats Qiao Mei very well.

Surely only a biological grandmother can do that!


Old Madam Li was very happy.

She placed her hands behind her back and walked away with a swagger.

Following Li Guis conversation with Old Madam Li.

Li Gui found the team leader of this production line and expressed her intention to take a day off tomorrow.

“Sister Wang, I have something on at home tomorrow.

Im wondering if I can take a day off as I really have something on and cant come.”

Li Gui stammered her way through.

“Oh my, I wonder what issue can make a person who works as hard as an ox want to take leave.

Youre the type who doesnt even take a days leave in a year.

If you take leave, your pay will be deducted.

You know that, right”

Wang Qiu glanced sideways at her and mocked loudly.

The people around them stopped what they were doing and looked at Li Gui in unison.

Someone even laughed out loud.

Li Gui was from the countryside, unlike these people who were from the city.

They all had a registered residence in the city and were not the same as these women from the countryside.

Besides, they thought that Li Gui was as useless as an old ox.

“I… have to go back.

My daughter has gotten married and she is pregnant now.

Im worried about her so I have to go back for a visit now,” Li Gui continued to speak softly, but there was a hint of determination in her eyes.

But her statement made the people around her exclaim in surprise.

“Your daughter Arent your daughters still too young for school One is six and the other is three.

How can such a young child get married” one of the women wearing patched clothing said.

“No, no, no…” Li Gui immediately explained,” Its not one of those two daughters.

Its my other daughter from the village.

She just became an adult this year and has gotten married and she is currently pregnant.”

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Everyone there knew that Li Gui had gotten married twice.

This was even one of the reasons why people around her looked down on her.

They felt that she was a jinx to her husband and a bearer of bad luck.

“Oh Which daughter are you talking about” Team Leader Wang dragged her voice out in a strange tone and then pretended to ask her casually, “Then did she marry into the village again What kind of family is she married into now”

Before Li Gui could speak, the person beside her immediately jeered and said, “What kind of family can she marry into Shes just a country bumpkin, a villager from the countryside.

Do you think she can like Cinderella”

“Thats right, thats right!”

“Oh right, Li Guis other family should be from the countryside, right Who would be willing to marry a woman without her parents by her side Did she marry a disabled person”


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