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“Do you think I know Qiao Mei didnt tell our Li family either and didnt invite our family to the wedding banquet at all.

We also only found out not long ago.

Are you blaming me”

Old Madam Li put on an imposing manner and glared at Li Gui when she spoke.

Oh I see…

Li Gui lowered her head again when she heard the explanation.

“So the thing now is that our Li family wants to move to Datian Village.

Qiao Mei has already earned quite a bit of money recently.

If her grandfather dies, there will be no one to take care of her and she will be quite pitiful.”


Li Gui looked at her mother and could not understand the underlying meaning behind the lines.

She could only understand what she just said.

Old Madam Li naturally knew that and continued, “Go and tell Qiao Mei to let Qiao Qiang know that our Li family wants to move to Datian Village.”

However, Li Gui asked curiously, “Then why dont you go and talk to her yourself Given that you have been taking care of Qiao Mei all this time, her grandfather would listen to you, right”


According to the information she received from her mother, Qiao Mei would beat up and scold Old Madam Li all the time.

Qiao Qiang also got bullied by Qiao Mei as well.

Both elderlies were having a hard time.

At the very least, they are both on the same side.

What cant they talk about

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Old Madam Li stomped her foot angrily.

“What you dont know is that this Qiao Qiang doesnt know how to be grateful and he doesnt know how to be thankful for favors from others.

Hes always cursing about how little money you sent back.”

“You have no idea how much Ive been bullied by him…”

At this point, Li Gui finally understood what she was being told.

However, she also felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

Although she did not give much money, it was what she had painstakingly saved up.

Yet now, Qiao Qiang was unhappy about the amount.

After she remarried into the Zhang family, the family members would punch and kick her all the time because she always gave money to Qiao Mei.

Furthermore, every time her husband got drunk, he would hit her with a rod.

Her children were also instigated by Old Madam Zhang not to be on her side.


Qiao Mei is the reason for all this…


Even so, the money still isnt enough for Qiao Qiang

When Old Madam Li saw the strange expression on Li Guis face, she quickly interrupted her thoughts.

It would not do if her daughter ended up being unwilling to go over.

“Gui Gui, those things are in the past and we have to move on.

Given that Qiao Mei is already a mother as well, its about time that you visit her,” Old Madam Li said.

When Li Gui heard this, she tried to look away.

When Qiao Mei was young, she had left Qiao Mei behind in the village to go and get married.

She heard that if Qiao Qiang had not returned, Qiao Mei would have starved to death.


She had not dared to go and see Qiao Mei because of this.

She felt that she had let down her daughter!

“Dont think about the past anymore.

The future is most important.

Now that your daughter is having a child, this is the time when she needs you the most,” Old Madam Li said.

“This time round, she even told me to ask you to go back and see her.

She misses you.”


At this point, she pretended to lament the fact.

Li Gui could not bear to see her mother like this.

She had not seen Qiao Mei for so long and did not know if Qiao Mei was doing well.

What Li Gui did not know was that the entire story was a lie fabricated by Old Madam Li.

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Old Madam Li felt that Qiao Mei definitely would not want to see Li Gui. If she made Li Gui go back now, it would definitely make Qiao Mei furious.

It would be best if the two of them ended up quarreling and getting into a fight.

It would be even better if they got into a fight and the child was lost as a result.


Who asked Qiao Mei to be so insensible!

When Li Gui heard this, her thoughts wavered.

It was indeed time to meet Qiao Mei.

This daughter of hers is grown up now.

She is having a child of her own as well.

Right now, she could use the marriage as an excuse to go and meet Qiao Mei.

Otherwise, she did not know what reason she could use in the future.

“Hows her husbands family” Li Gui asked.

However, there was worry in her eyes.

She heard that no one in the village was willing to marry her.

Could she have… married a disabled person


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