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However, Zhao Hong could not help but wave her hand and refuse.

She said, “This girl doesnt need to eat such good food.

It will be a waste of fruit.”

It was not easy to get fruits in this season.

Even adults did not get to eat it often, let alone children.

They may never even get to taste it.

The little girl looked at the fruits in front of her with longing in her eyes.

She looked so eager to eat some.

When Qiao Mei heard this, she took another look and realized that Zhao Hong was not pretending to be polite but expressing her real opinion.

Her gaze turned cold and her attitude changed.

“Whats wrong with being a girl Arent you a girl Didnt you give birth to this child” Qiao Mei rebutted.

Zhao Hong clearly felt the change in attitude and could not help but feel the need toeducate Qiao Mei.

She said earnestly, “Dont you understand Its useless to raise this little girl.

When shes young, she cant do any work.

When she is finally able to work, she can only do light work.

How can she compare with a boy who has more strength”

“Besides, no matter how well you treat her, she will still have to get married in the future.

Once she gets married, she wont be your family member anymore, but someone elses family member.

In the end, isnt it all for nothing”


Qiao Mei was stunned and suddenly could not speak.

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How could they do their calculations in this manner The value of the relationship between relatives was measured by the amount of work done and the benefits a person could bring to the family

Was there no trace of kinship at all

Zhao Hong touched her protruding stomach lovingly before continuing, “A boy is different.

From the beginning to the end, he is your family member.

He can do heavy work and then he will find a wife who can then do chores for the family.

This makes a boy the blessing of the family.”

“The money earned by the family will not be enough for him to spend.

He will need his parents to pay for the betrothal gifts and the wedding, and he will use up the familys money.

Is this the benefit of having a son” Qiao Mei retorted.

Zhao Hong was speechless and looked uncomfortable.

That is what everyone says.

Why should she just chide me I dont see her refuting anyone else.

Is she mocking me for having a daughter

“The more sons there are, the more grandchildren there will be.

Then the more prosperous the family will get and the richer the family will be,” Zhao Hong spoke again, insisting on her point of view.

Without thinking, Qiao Mei replied, “Then when your grandson earns money and youre about to die, what benefits can you get You might as well treat your daughter well.

She might be able to provide for you in the future.”


Zhao Hong pouted indignantly, but she had nothing to say.

The logic seemed to be fitting, but it also seemed a little wrong.

She felt that they could not agree with each other and she did not want to stay here anymore.

She could not win an argument against Qiao Mei, but she did not dare to go home.

When she returned home, she would definitely be caught by Old Madam Li and get a tongue-lashing.

Seeing that she was pregnant, Qiao Mei served her lunch at home before asking her to go.

She dismissed her and said, “Dont come over in the future.

I know that Old Madam Li asks you to come, but we dont get along so its useless for you to come over.”

Qiao Mei looked fair and gentle and her voice was soft.

Zhao Hong, who had had her fair share of Old Madam Lis tongue-lashings, was not afraid at all.

Instead, she made up her mind to return tomorrow.


Zhao Hong carried her child and went home.

When she got home, she told her family that they got along very well and Qiao Mei even served her a meal.

The next day, Zhao Hong brought her child along for another visit.

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She felt that being at Qiao Meis house was such a great thing.

She did not have to work or be scolded, and she could also eat fruits and enjoy a very delicious meal.

It was so wondrous.

Qiao Mei spoke more with her and told her not to come over again.

She still let her in though, and after serving her a meal, she warned her not to come anymore and that the Qiao family did not welcome her.

However, Zhao Hong came around again on the third day.


This time, in the face of Qiao Meis reprimand, she looked as if she had gotten used to it.

It was like the situation could not get any worse for her and she was not afraid at all.

In the end, she left happily after eating her fill.


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