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Li Xiong lowered his head and stopped talking.

His mother was a very fierce person.

She pretended to be nice and kind in front of outsiders, but in front of her own family, she was completely her true self.

In the past, she had kept all the things that her eldest daughter sent back home.

She did not give a single one of those things to Qiao Mei and yet here she was, trying to use her connection with Qiao Mei for benefits.

“So, is it true that a family can earn more than 10 dollars a day” Li Tao asked in surprise.

If one can make more than 10 dollars a day, wouldnt that be 300 to 400 dollars a month

The two people who just returned home, Sun Ying and Old Madam Li, nodded in silence.

In an instant, the expressions of the Li family members changed.

This was such a huge sum of money.

Who wouldnt be tempted by it

Li Shun, Li Dongs second son, could not help but say, “Grandma, please think of a way quickly.

What should we do now How can we move to Datian Village!”

He was currently saving up to get married.

Given that his family was poor and the circumstances were less than ideal, and the fact that his grandmother was a mean person, there was no matchmaker who would find a wife for him.

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In addition, no one would fancy being related by marriage to their family.

If their family could earn 300 to 400 dollars a year, it would definitely be easy for him to find a wife.

At this moment, Old Madam Li walked to the back room and everyone followed her.

Old Madam Li sat on a stool and slowly drank a glass of water.

She then looked at everyone and said, “Eldest granddaughter-in-law, bring the child with you to Datian Village tomorrow and chat with her about your experience with pregnancy and giving birth.”

Since their sudden visit had turned out to be useless, then wouldnt they be able to build rapport by paying continuous visits for a few months

By then, wouldnt it be easy to get the Qiao family to help them with their move to Datian Village

“Okay,” a woman whispered from the back of the crowd, near the door of the room.

She was Zhao Hong.

She was currently pregnant and had a high baby bump, and holding on to a childs hand.

The eldest son, Li Dong, had four children.

There were two boys and two girls.

His eldest son, Li Jian, was married to Zhao Hong, who had given birth to a girl and was now pregnant with another baby.

She was not valued at home because she had only given birth to a girl.

At home, no one cared about her existence and she had to do the same type of work as everyone else.

She did not dare to speak up and her status was very low.

The next day, Zhao Hong cleaned up the little girls face and walked out of the house with her.

Qiao Mei did not know her at all.

After she stammered through her self-introduction, Qiao Mei let her in.

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“Come in.

You must be tired after walking so far.

Come in and have a glass of water.” Qiao Mei saw that she was pregnant and did not make things difficult for her.

Although she did not like the people from the Li family, she would not go to the extent of making things difficult for a pregnant woman.

It was an hour and a halfs walk and it would have been tiring to walk so far.

Seeing that Qiao Mei had such a good temper, Zhao Hong heaved a sigh of relief and led the little girl into the house.

Furthermore, she felt that Qiao Mei was quite easy to get along with.

She was not fat, but fair and gentle, and was quite good-looking.

Zhao Hong walked into the house and looked at the sewing machine, piles of fabric and all the new furniture, as well as fruits on the table.

She felt really envious.

Qiao Mei was really lucky.

Qiao Mei brought out two plates of fruits for the little girl.

There were grapes and strawberries on them.

In her other life, she had liked children very much.

However, because she could not have children, she would get sad when she saw cute little kids.

Therefore, she usually would not take the initiative to approach children.

But things were different at the moment.

She was in good health now.

If Xia Zhe proved himself to a good father in the future, she could consider having a few more children.

Then there would be no need for her to be envious when she saw someone elses children.

The fruits filled up the plates.

The grapes looked plump and juicy, and the strawberries were rosy red with water droplets on them, all looking extremely tempting and very delicious.


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