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As she spoke, Sun Ying showed everyone the eggs that she was holding tightly in her hands.

In her hands, there were two eggs the size of her palms.

There were still chicken feathers stuck to the eggs.

Qiao Mei was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Then Qiao Qiang, who had been in the house, walked out of the door.

He had not seen any member of the Li family for a long time and did not quite remember them.

When he returned back then, he heard that the Li family had abandoned Qiao Mei at Qiao Zhuangs house.

If not for Zhao Liang, the village officer who was chief of the cadre, taking a tough stance and asking Qiao Zhuangs family to take Qiao Mei in, she might have already starved to death.

Neither family was willing to take care of Qiao Mei.

Qiao Zhuangs family did not take good care of Qiao Mei and left her so hungry that she was emaciated.

The Li family was equally heartless and had not visited Qiao Mei even once for more than 10 years.

Without saying anything, Qiao Qiang made his way over with his walking stick and looked at the two sudden visitors from the Li family who were standing in the courtyard.

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He had an unfriendly look in his eyes.

In the courtyard, the two Li family members immediately lost their imposing manner from earlier and suddenly appeared timid.

“Mei Mei, we came all the way here from afar.

Can we get a drink” Old Madam Li asked.

Qiao Meis eyes flashed as she pondered and then she said, “Alright, come in!”

These two people were her biological grandmother and her aunt-in-law.

During this time, the people in the village valued relationships.

If she did not let the two of them in, the people in the village would probably turn around and scold her, regardless of how she had suffered in the past.

Therefore, if Qiao Mei wanted to avoid being talked about, she had to endure the situation for a while.

Once they showed their true colors, no one would be able to criticize her.

Auntie Dong had a close relationship with Qiao Mei, so she also followed them into the house.

She felt that these two people did not seem to be here for anything good, but looked intent on getting something.

She was afraid that Qiao Mei would be at a disadvantage since she was still young.

These two people came by often when Qiao Mei was much younger.

Every time, they came with nothing but would leave with a bunch of things.

They just liked to take advantage of others.

After the two Li family members made their way in, they smirked when they saw the sewing machine and new bedding in the house.

“My goodness, is this a sewing machine I heard that this thing can be used to make clothes very quickly and that clothes made on it are comfortable and have no thread knots.

You still have a lot of fabric and thread here.

Why dont you make something for your grandmother now”

Sun Ying spoke out.

Old Madam Li pretended to decline with a wave of her hand, but her gaze never left the sewing machine.

Auntie Dong found herself looking down upon the two people and she curled her lips. These two were really weird.

She had never seen such shameless people who acted as if they were so upright.

“I have to start making dinner.

Have a seat here.”

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Qiao Mei was not in the mood to care about them and she turned around to leave.

Behind her, Sun Ying said, “Go, Mei Mei.

Weve walked a long distance and were already hungry.

Your grandmother hasnt had meat for a long time and has lost a lot of weight.

The fishes in the courtyard would be good nourishment for your grandmother.”

Qiao Mei left without looking back.

It was just two fishes.

As long as they did not cause trouble at home, it did not matter.

“What exactly are you doing here”

Qiao Qiang could not help putting on a harsh tone as he frowned at the two people.

Upon hearing Qiao Qiangs words, Old Madam Li got down from the stool and reached out to wipe the nonexistent tears from the corners of her eyes.

She said, “Oh grandfather of the child, it was not our choice not to come and visit Mei Mei for the past few years.

We really wanted to but we couldnt.

Moreover, Qiao Meis father passed away so early back then and I couldnt bear to let my daughter be a widow for the rest of her life, so I asked her to remarry.”


“In short, its all solely my fault.

Please dont blame the entire Li family.”


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