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Even some of the late-maturing plants, such as string beans and celery, were ready for harvest by now.

She was already experiencing some early symptoms of pregnancy, but the fortunate thing was that she did not have nausea.

Instead, she had a very good appetite and wanted to eat everything in sight.

In order to be able to eat fresh fruits, she had also planted some fruits in the courtyard.

There were strawberries, mulberries, grapes and cherries.

The strawberries in the courtyard had grown out densely and one could see a field of red fruits at a glance.

It was also a gratifying sight to see the bunches of grapes hanging off the branches and the mulberries growing so well until it seemed that the supply was endless.

These fruits made Qiao Mei feel even happier than before.

Qiao Qiang stood in the courtyard and looked at the fruits growing all over the courtyard, feeling perplexed.

Arent there too many fruits this year We eat them every day, but we just cant seem to finish them all.

The fruits just keep growing.

The vegetables in the courtyard were also growing exceptionally well.

The storeroom, which was originally used for growing bean sprouts, now had bamboo poles hung up all over with the seemingly endless supply of grapes hanging densely on them.

This place was now used to dry the grapes into raisins.

When the raisins are ready, they would make a delicious snack.

Qiao Mei was bored and even used the grapes to make some wine.

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She made the wine specially for Qiao Qiang who liked to drink but had gastric problems.

Every time he secretly drank a few mouthfuls of liquor, he would have a bad stomach for a few days.

Qiao Mei made this wine so as to satisfy Qiao Qiangs cravings.

This wine was made with the energy from the jade pendant, so it was naturally filled with spiritual energy and would be beneficial to health.

Even if it could not help to nourish Qiao Qiangs stomach, it should not make him feel uncomfortable, right

After harvesting the vegetables and fruits in the front yard, she walked to the backyard and started feeding the livestock there.

The chicks and ducklings had grown big and fat, and the piglets had also grown up well.

They could eat a big bucket of food every meal and they played in the pen all day long, so they had all grown a lot bigger.

Qiao Mei even demarcated a zone for these livestock.

Their activity zone was an area which was marked out and surrounded with fences, and they seemed intelligent enough to know that the zone was their territory and they should not leave it on their own.

Qiao Mei suddenly felt hungry.

She took a big bucket and a big fishing net, together with a small bag of raisins, and walked towards a pond.

The fishes nearby liked to eat these raisins.

As long as she threw some into the pond, she would always be able to get a net full of fishes.

Qiao Mei came back with a big bucket of fish and reached in to scoop out two big ones.

She would cook these two fishes later.

As for the remaining fishes, she would use half of them to make a nourishing soup for herself and make the other half into dried fish snacks to send to Xia Zhe.

Qiao Mei stood on the spot and smiled, thinking that Xia Zhe would be very happy to receive the dried fish snacks.

“Mei Mei, come out and see whos here,” Auntie Dong came by and shouted into the courtyard.

There was a hint of weirdness in her voice.

Qiao Mei looked up and saw Auntie Dong walking in with two people.

As they approached her, she saw an old lady in her sixties and a slightly younger woman.


The old ladys clothes were neat and her hair was shiny.

The woman next to the old lady stared at Qiao Mei unblinkingly and sized her up as if she was appraising an item.

Aiyo, this Qiao Mei was not as fat and tanned as rumored.

Although this girl had a slightly muscular body, she would not be considered fat at all.

Her skin was also fair, almost as white as tofu.

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She looked good too.

She had a high nose bridge and big bright eyes that shone attractively.

She also had a beautiful oval-shaped face and moist red lips.

By now, Qiao Mei had already lost a lot of weight.

She had a shapely figure with curves in the right places.

Although she looked a little bloated due to her pregnancy, her figure still looked very good at a glance.


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