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Xia Mao and his wife huddled together and began to read the letter.

The more they read, the more surprised they became.

In the end, Xu Lan could not help but yell out, “What Married a girl from the countryside”

“Whats wrong with the countryside” Xia Jun was unhappy to hear her comment.

“Im also a country bumpkin.

Back in the past, Xia Mao had also planted rice seedlings in the field before.

Which family didnt have ancestors from rural backgrounds”

Xu Lan immediately moved back in fear.

The old man would always get triggered by certain issues.

She felt really guilty telling others that the old man had a good temper.

“Besides, take a good look at whose granddaughter she is.

Shes Qiao Qiangs granddaughter.” Xia Jun continued with a long face, “If he hadnt taken the initiative to leave the capital back then, I wouldnt be able to match up to his position.

You still want to look down upon his granddaughter”

Xu Lan curled her lips. What was the point of saying all this now At the end of the day, he had gone back to the countryside and became a country bumpkin.

Now, he was just an old farmer who had no status.


However… Qiao Qiangs two children had done quite well for themselves.

It was just that the Ye family was having a hard time now and no one knew if they would be able to persevere through their current difficulties.

Xu Lan suddenly thought of Qiao Qiangs family and asked, without rhyme or reason, “This girl is related to Qiao Qiangs first wife, right”

“Thats for sure,” Xia Jun said with certainty.

“If she wasnt from that side, she wouldnt have to suffer in the countryside.”

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The Ye family was also not the kind-hearted type.

“I heard that the Ye family is trying to persuade Qiao Qiang to return,” Xia Mao thought for a while before saying casually.

The old man snorted coldly and curled his lips in disdain.

“After being like strangers for so many years, they now want him to go back and tide through the difficulties with them.

Do they expect him to suffer with them”

Xu Lan pulled a long face and could not stop herself from asking, “What The Ye family has also run into big trouble Then all the more we shouldnt become related to them.

What if our family gets implicated”

Xia Jun just glared at this ignorant daughter-in-law who almost rendered him speechless and decided to reprimand her.

“We didnt become related to the Ye family.

Ye Xian and Qiao Qiang have long been divorced and her two children have also cut ties with Qiao Qiang.

Now, Xia Zhes wife is the daughter of the son Qiao Qiang had with his first wife and has nothing to do with the Ye family!”

“I understand, I understand.” Xu Lan gulped and nodded repeatedly.

Xiao Zhang had quickly brought out all the dishes and placed them on the big table, then he called out to them, “Old Chief, dinner is ready!”

The few of them went over to the table.

Xia Jun was very happy and brought out a bottle of vintage liquor.

He filled up the glasses and started drinking.

After a few drinks, the old man got a little tipsy.

At the dining table, he said drunkenly, “Xia Zhes wife must be very beautiful.

Otherwise, Xia Zhe wouldnt have done it that night and even got her pregnant so quickly.”

“Father, father! Stop it.” Xia Mao hurriedly patted his back and tried to stop him from talking.

“Youre drunk.

Be careful with your words!”

Fortunately, there were no outsiders around now.

Otherwise, it would have been so embarrassing.

How could he even say these things, particularly since the matter concerned the younger members of the family.

However, Xia Jun still continued, “This Qiao Mei is really not bad, she managed to get pregnant immediately after that night.

Thats really, really good.

She should bear more children for the Xia family.

The more children, the better the blessing.”

At that moment, two people who had just walked through the main door paused in their steps.

Tan Jing felt a sense of bitterness and wondered if she should still continue to make her way in.

She was Xia Zhes sister-in-law who was married to his eldest brother.

They did not have any children despite being married for seven to eight years.

When she went for a checkup at the hospital, it was discovered that the problem lay with her.

Since then, she had felt ashamed in front of the entire Xia family.

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Now, the Xia family was finally going to have another generation of descendants.

Yet… she did not know why, but there was a twinge at her heart and she felt terrible.


Meanwhile, back in the village, Qiao Mei was busy tidying up her vegetable field.

It was already early summer now.

The vegetables and fruits that she planted earlier were already ripe, like the tomatoes which were now hanging off the branches in their bright red glory.


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