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Xiao Zhang gulped and took a deep breath before saying loudly, “Its not Xia An and Xia Liang but Xia Zhe, your son.

Hes already married and his wife is already pregnant.

Youre about to hold your grandson soon.”

As soon as he said this, the few people near the phone heard it.

Xia Mao was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to say.

This was all too sudden.

Yao Li stood rooted to the ground, her face pale.

When Xia Mao saw her expression, he could not help but scold loudly, “This idiotic boy, why did he only tell us elders now He made such a big decision himself and even has a child now.

What a scoundrel! When is he bringing his wife back”

“He didnt mention that in the letter, but you can send him a telegram or call and ask him.

The old chief wants you to come back for dinner to celebrate Xia Zhes marriage.


After rattling off a string of sentences, Xiao Zhang hung up the phone.

He did not want to get in trouble for nothing when Xia Mao was angry.

It was more important to protect himself.


Xia Mao hung up the phone.

When he turned around, he realized that both Xu Lan and Yao Li, who were rooted to their spots, did not look good.

In particular, Yao Li was very pale and her eyes were red.

He had previously said Xu Lan had acted with undue haste with regard to this matter.

Given that they were still uncertain whether his son liked Yao Li or not, it was too risky to raise it for discussion so quickly.

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Sigh, things would get difficult now.

“Lets go.

Old Master is waiting for us to go over for dinner.” Xia Mao walked up to Xu Lan and took a few glances at Yao Li.

Yao Li straightened herself in a panic and said in a trembling voice, “Uncle and Auntie, I have something on at home.

I have to go first.

You guys go ahead.”

With that, she ran towards the door, crying audibly as she went off.


She looked extremely pitiful.

“Sigh, look at what happened.

You cant be so muddled in the future.

You didnt even check properly before you made a decision on your own.” Xia Mao gave an unhappy glare.

Xu Lan got annoyed and glowered at him.

“Youre blaming me now that something has happened I had discussed with you earlier and you agreed, but youre blaming me now that something has happened Isnt it your son who did such a thing”

“Listen to what youre saying.” Xia Mao was exasperated and it showed on his face.

“What are you talking about What do you mean by my son Isnt he also your son Besides, its only right for my son to get married and have children.

If you hadnt been busy chasing your own tail, how would things end up like this”

In his opinion, his son had done nothing wrong.

“That matters indeed my fault, but he didnt even tell his parents that he was getting married.

Is that right Then are we still his parents” Xu Lan continued to glare at him.

It was indeed wrong for a son not to inform his parents about his marriage.

However, Xia Mao did not want to argue with her anymore so he turned around and prepared to leave, but not before saying the last word.

“Our son is also in the wrong, but he is not at home now.

If you are angry, call him and teach him a lesson.”

Xu Lan was even more furious as she followed him out.

She wanted to go to the old mans house to understand the situation and know more about this daughter-in-law who appeared from nowhere.

She wanted to know what magical power this person had over her son to make him suddenly so anxious to get married.

Moreover, he did not even discuss it with his parents.

It appeared that the old patriarch, Xia Jun, had already accepted this news.

He sat at the table and looked at the letter in his hand with his reading glasses on.

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Now that the couple was going to have a child, it meant that he was about to have a great-grandson.

How nice!


Just thinking about it made him excited.

His grandson was growing up by the day and he felt blissful.

Xia Mao and Xu Lan arrived very quickly.

When they walked in, they saw the old man sitting at the table and laughing to himself.

“Old Master, what exactly happened” Xia Mao could not help but ask.

He also wanted to know how his son got married.

“Here, read it!”

The old man handed them the letter in his hand.


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