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Apparently Xia Zhes mother liked this girl very much.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the wedding between the two young people.

If Xia Jun was agreeable to the idea, then the wedding plans would be settled.

The marriage could be registered without the need for Xia Zhe to come back.

As for the actual relationship, the couple could nurture it slowly in the future.

As Xiao Zhang reached the door, Xia Jun added, “When you call, just tell the truth.

Dont lie.

Tell them that Xia Zhe is already married and when the time comes, they will be invited to the babys one-month celebrations.”

If he did not make it clear from the start, this matter would be difficult to handle.

If Xu Lan still had other ideas and forcefully tried to set things up for two unavailable people, then her good intentions could only bring about bad results.

It would not be good for Xia Zhes wife either.


I understand, Chief.” Xiao Zhang nodded and walked to another room to make a call to convey the message.

Right at the same moment, Xu Lan was holding Yao Lis hand and warmly reminding her not to be afraid when she saw Grandpa Xia Jun later.

The old man may look fierce, but he was actually a very nice man and he liked youngsters like her very much.

However, when Xu Lan said this, she was actually feeling a little apprehensive inside.

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She had been married to Xia Zhes father for 30 years and had never seen Old Master Xia treat any of his daughters-in-law with kindness.

It was not easy to see a smile on his face, even for his grandchildren.

He only had a smiling face for Xia Zhe.

Yao Li happily held Xu Lans hand and said understandingly, “Thank you for your comfort, Auntie Xu.

The old patriarch in my house is the same.

I know that they may look very cold, but they actually have very warm personalities.”

“Yes, yes, yes, thats it.

Everyone in the family is nice, so you dont have to be afraid.” Xu Lan was overjoyed.

She especially liked this Yao Li at the moment.

Not only was she good-looking, but she also had a good personality.

One look and she could tell that she was a virtuous girl.

Her son should like this type too, right


He would definitely like her!

After all, she was the one who had recommended the girl.

“Lets go.

Its time to go over there now.” Xia Mao slowly walked down the stairs with a long face.

Xu Lan acknowledged his comment and took Yao Lis hand.

She smiled and said, “Lets go.

All the men in our family are like this.”

When she said that, Yao Li winked at her in response.

The two of them had a very good relationship, like good friends.

They held hands and prepared to walk towards the door together.


However, the phone on the coffee table rang.

Xu Lan smiled and picked up the phone.

After listening to a few words, her expression suddenly darkened.

It was obvious that something had happened.

“What happened” Xia Mao took the phone from her hand and asked, “What happened to my father Is there something wrong with his health”

Xia Jun had a history of high blood pressure and had been going to the hospital for regular checkups in recent years, so Xia Mao got nervous when he heard the voice over the phone.

On the other side, Xia Jun also went to stand next to Xiao Zhang.

He laughed heartily and said, “Im fine.

Im in good health.

Its just that somethings up with your son, Xia Zhe.”

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Xia Jun was not really a stern person.

He just liked to keep a straight face in front of his daughters-in-law and did not smile often.

Xiao Zhang added on with a hint of helplessness in his voice, “Its like this.

Comrade Xia Zhe just sent a letter.

Hes already married and has gotten his marriage certificate.

Now that his wife is pregnant, he wants to tell everyone about this joyous news.”

“What did you say” Xia Mao was afraid that he had heard wrongly and continued to ask, “Which nephew of mine are you talking about Is it Xia An or Xia Liang”


His two nephews were of marriageable age and still single, so it would be a reasonable thing for them to be reporting some good news now.


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