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She did not expect him to have taken this into consideration.

These coupons really solved the urgent problem at hand.

“Thats so great!” Qiao Qiang laughed and tapped his walking stick.

He was really happy to get these coupons as it meant that he could now buy more supplies, although Chen Hu also gave him a few coupons from time to time.

The fact was he was unwilling to trouble others.

It was never good to owe someone a favor.

Now, with all these food stamps, he could finally feel at ease.

He would not have to worry about food in the future.

Qiao Mei put away the bag of food stamps and then took out a notebook from the bag.

The notebook was not thick, just an ordinary notebook with about 20 to 30 pages.

She opened it to see pages of clear handwriting.

There were notes on precautions to be taken by pregnant women throughout the entire pregnancy, and even some clear pointers on the dos and donts after giving birth.

These things were basically similar to what she knew in her other life.

At the end of the notebook, there was a message to let her know who the author was.

“I am Xia Zhes aunt.

You rest well and take good care during the pregnancy.

If you need anything else, you can send a telegram to this address.”

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This sentence at the end made her aware that this was also Xia Zhes gift to her.

There were no other frivolous words, but from the handwritten and detailed list of items, she could tell that Xia Zhes aunt was someone worth knowing.

Qiao Mei gave a relieved smile.

Now, she just did not know what her future in-laws were like and whether they were easy to get along with.

She had already sent two letters to bond with him.

The next time, she could talk more about the Xia family so that she could feel more confident about her future life.

At this moment, she was very satisfied with Xia Zhes response.

The father of her children was really quite a nice person and was someone who could be entrusted.

She had to think carefully…

Next time, what gift should I send

A distance away, Xia Zhe was sitting at the desk in his room, writing a letter with a fountain pen.

His handwriting was bold and powerful and very nice to look at.

Now that Qiao Mei was pregnant, this matter could not be kept a secret anymore.

He had to inform his family as Qiao Mei would have to go back with him in the future.

He put pen to paper and wrote a letter to his grandfather.

The letter explained the entire matter and he asked his grandfather to inform his parents about it.

He just did not tell the entire truth about what happened that night.

He did not mention the part about how he was tricked that night.

He only wrote that Qiao Qiang was in poor health and was worried about his granddaughter since he did not have much time left in this world.

He also wrote that he felt Qiao Mei was quite a nice person.

That was why Xia Zhe took the initiative to propose that he and Qiao Mei get married to fulfill Qiao Qiangs wish.

The two of them had already held a wedding banquet and registered their marriage.

He was now writing a letter to inform his elders as Qiao Mei had gotten pregnant.

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When Xia Jun received the letter, he almost spat out the tea in his mouth and he then slammed the teacup on the table.

He shouted towards the door, “Xiao Zhang! Xiao Zhang, come in quickly.”

Xiao Zhang was Xia Juns guard.

When he heard the voice of his old chief, he walked over frantically, thinking that something urgent had happened.

“Xiao Zhang, quickly take a look at whats written in this letter.

I cant read it clearly.”

“Yes! Im coming!”

Xiao Zhang stood behind Xia Jun and craned his neck to read it word by word.

When he finished reading it, he was stunned and could not speak for a long time.

How bizarre!

What an unexpected thing to have happened.

“Then those few people you asked to come over for dinner, do you still want them to come” Xiao Zhang hesitated and asked softly.

Xia Jun slammed the letter on the table and shouted, “Im not hosting them anymore.

Go call them and say that Im not feeling well.

Tell them I cant invite them to dinner today, so dont come over.”

“Oh… okay!”

Xiao Zhang nodded repeatedly and hurriedly ran out.

They had already started making preparations in the kitchen.

Xia Zhes parents and a girl were actually invited to dinner tonight.


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