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She was now feeling quite excited about opening the packages.

Was Xia Zhe as excited as her when he received the parcel she sent him

I must send him more things in the future.

There were three cloth bags in the three big sacks.

The cloth bags were in good condition and there were no signs of any dirt or damage to them.

It was obvious that they were carefully protected during the delivery process.

Qiao Mei smiled and opened one of the cloth bags.

Inside the bag, she found things like clothing and household items made of cotton, kids clothing, as well as bedding for adults.

It was a complete set of useful items.

Qiao Mei was pleasantly surprised and beamed with joy.

She had only asked a question to try and sound out how he felt, but she did not expect Xia Zhe to really prepare all the necessities for her.

Furthermore, there was nothing cursory about his efforts, he had gone all out to prepare all the items.

Her original intention was to check if Xia Zhe would, in the face of all her complaints, console her verbally or ignore her.

However, she did not expect him to just directly send her everything she needed.

Thats nice.

It means that hes reliable.

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He is not the kind of person who would only give a perfunctory response, but a responsible man who would find a way to deal with any issues.

She opened the second bag and found clothes that fitted her.

There were two large cotton jackets and a black coat made of fur which looked very comfortable and warm.


She tried it on and it felt as if she was lying under warm sunlight.

It was indeed nice and warm.

“What kind of fur is this” Qiao Mei happily reached out to touch it and found it to be silk smooth and such a pleasing feeling.

In her other life, even though she was a top lawyer, she had neither the interest nor the money to obtain such a luxurious coat.

Although it was very nice and warm, the price was too astronomical.


Besides, the future generations advocated environmental and animal protection.

With the availability of warm down jackets, who would still want to wear a fur coat How inconvenient was that

Furthermore, it was not easy to maintain.

“It must be mink.” Qiao Qiang walked forward to take a look and laughed out loudly, feeling much more satisfied.

This fur coat was indeed made of good material.

In the past, he also owned a few of these in the capital, but he did not bring them with him when he returned to the village.


Qiao Mei was also very happy and touched the fur coat in her hand in delight.

If sending that bag of bedding was Xia Zhes way of fulfilling his role as a father, then this fur coat was Xia Zhes way of expressing his feelings for her.

It was really good that he knew how to care for her.


Qiao Mei giggled for a while and made a few turns wearing the fur coat before walking towards the last bag of things in the courtyard.

Now there was only one bag left.

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She did not know what she would find in the last bag.

Although she had money now and did not lack anything, she would definitely feel more at ease if she could be more well-prepared.

The moment she opened it, she saw sealed packets of snacks.

These snacks included crispy fried fish, packets of melon seeds and dried sweet potatoes, as well as a few bags of fruits, a few boxes of sweets, and packaged specialty snacks from Beijing.

This current time period was not like the future when one could easily buy snacks online.

These things were too rare.

Not only would it have been difficult to gather so many different types of snacks within the city, it would probably still require some effort to get it done in the capital.

She could appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the preparation of this bag.

Digging into the bag, there was also a tightly wrapped leather bag about the size of a small watermelon and bulging with things inside.

Qiao Mei was dumbfounded when she opened it.

She did not expect to find a large stack of coupons inside.

In this era, if one did not have all kinds of coupons, it would be impossible to buy what one wanted.

For example, if one wanted to eat pork, one had to have meat coupons.

If one wanted to buy oil, one had to have oil coupons.

Therefore, when Qiao Mei needed supplies now, what she lacked the most was not money but different kinds of coupons.


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