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“The baby is due in January next year and its probably going to be quite cold then.

Make everything thicker so the baby doesnt freeze from the cold.”

“Also, she doesnt have any female elders around her.

Do get my aunt to write down all the things she needs to take note of when giving birth, as well as the things to note when taking care of the child too.”


“And also… she likes to eat.

Now that shes pregnant, she needs to eat more good food.

Send more meat and fruits to her so that she will have enough to eat.”


“Well… I think thats all.

If I think of anything else, Ill make up for it later.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I get it, Young Master Xia,” Qin Dong teased with a smile.

He had never seen Xia Zhe being so long-winded and giving instructions with such minute details..

He did not expect that a usually aloof person would behave so drastically differently when it came to his wife and children.

What a rare sight.


He thought that the Xia family was a bunch of frigid people!

“Im still being held up here and cant go back for the time being.

Ill have to trouble you to help me take care of my wife.

After Im done here, Ill go back and take care of her.”


“No problem!” Qin Dong agreed readily.

“Well definitely pay more attention to your wife.

So then you have to perform well in your competition!”

A sharp glint flashed across Xia Zhes eyes.

He must get first place in this competition.

This way, he would get promoted to a higher rank and he would be able to have Qiao Mei living with him as a military spouse.

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Once she joined him as a military spouse, he would be able to see his children every day.


When he was young, he used to stand at the door miserably every day to wait for his parents.

He wanted his children to stay by his side all the time, unlike what he had to go through.


“Thank you, uncle.

Please convey my thanks to my aunt too.

Thank you for the efforts!” Xia Zhe said sincerely.

His aunt was an obstetrician.

He would only be at ease if she wrote down the list of items to note.


Now, he had to work harder and win first place so that Qiao Mei could go to the capital to give birth.

Only then would he feel more at ease.

After all, the standard of medical care in the capital was much better than in the village or county.

After the call, Xia Zhe took out the letter and read it again.

Then he began to compose a reply.

When he saw the wordsA cuddly little child must be very cute, it struck a chord with him and he could not help but laugh.

There was a strange atmosphere in the village during the past few days.

No matter what everyone talked about, the conversation always veered towards Qiao Mei.

There was a strange and excited look in peoples eyes.

It was not Qiao Meis pregnancy that made them excited, but Qiao Meis bean sprouts.

The 200 catties worth of bean sprouts sold by the supply and marketing cooperative.

After the 200 catties of bean sprouts were sold, those previous buyers were all full of praise and there had been people coming to ask about the bean sprouts over the past few days.

When they heard that there were no more bean sprouts for sale, they blamed the supply and marketing cooperative for not doing its job.

The bean sprouts really attracted a lot of attention.

The queries not only came from the ordinary buyers, but even from a few operational departments.

The supply and marketing cooperative could not withstand the pressure anymore and went to beg Chen Hu for help.

Chen Hu was not quite sure what to do about it, so he went to the village to ask Qiao Mei.

“I cant do heavy work now.

Im pregnant and cant do this business anymore.” Qiao Mei sat on the bed, sewing childrens clothes.

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She had already prepared many pieces of clothing, but there were going to be two children, so she still felt that she had not made enough.

“Ah! This is really a good thing, its really great.” Chen Hu clapped his hands happily and looked at Qiao Qiang.

At the side, Qiao Qiang could not stop smiling.

He was really very happy.

He was a man who already had one foot in the grave and he did not expect to be able to see his great-grandchild one day.

It was such a great thing to happen and he felt wonderful every day.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Lets not do it if we dont want to.

The child is most important,” Chen Hu said with a big wide smile.


Growing bean sprouts was a tiring job.

It was not right to make her work hard for the benefit of the supply and marketing cooperative.

Qiao Mei was still a child herself and had a lot of things to do.

She must not tire herself out.

Look at how much weight Qiao Mei had lost in the past month.



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