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I am only 18 years old and I do not know anything.

I do not know what to prepare or pay attention to.

The aunties in the village are giving me all kinds of advice and I am not sure what to do!

What do you think we should do about our child And what should we name our child

Sigh, I have written so much nonsense.

I hope it will not affect your mission over there.

Lastly, I will definitely protect our baby well and I will do my best to make sure that our baby can grow up smoothly.

No matter what happens, I will wait for you to come back.

Your wife, Qiao Mei.

The letter ended here.


At the bottom of the letter, it was not a little smiling person this time, but a little worried person squatting at the door.

It felt pitiful and helpless.


Qiao Mei had spent a lot of effort on this letter.

After all, a fathers concern for his child had to be nurtured from when the child was young.

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If he was already indifferent when the child was young, then what would happen in the future It could not be that Qiao Mei had to take on both roles of being a father and a mother, right

In the letter, she wanted to portray herself as being pitiful and helpless so as to fire up a mans innate sense of responsibility and protectiveness.

As long as a man felt a sense of responsibility, he would naturally start to pay attention to his children and would take their emotions to heart.

If he did not care at all, then how different would he be from a stranger

In that case, he would naturally have no feelings for his children.

After Xia Zhe read the letter, he stood in a daze for a long time.

Qiao Mei was pregnant!

He was the father of the child.

He had a child now!

Thinking of this, he felt excited. He would soon have a cuddly child lying on his lap, calling him daddy and trusting him wholeheartedly, and he would even have a warm home as well…


Thinking of this, his entire face turned red from excitement.

He would have another relative in this world.

A blood-related relative!

This also meant that he had a heavier burden now.

There would be the child to take care of at home, as well as the childs mother.

He was now the head of the family.

Xia Zhe stood there and stroked the little person at the bottom of the letter.

The frightened expression on the little persons face moved him and he felt tender and protective towards her.

Dont worry, you have me!

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At this point, Xia Zhe picked up the phone on the table and made a call.

“Uncle, I need some good soft fabric, and also fur mattresses and cotton.

I need all of these!” The other end of the phone heard Xia Zhes excited voice.

When Qin Dong heard this, he was puzzled.

“If you really need these things, you can put up a request to the higher-ups.

If you want me to send them to you from here, it will take quite a few days for them to arrive!”

“And these things… What are you going to do with them” Qin Dong asked curiously.

Then, he heard something that surprised him so much that he was completely speechless.

“Its for my wife.

Shes pregnant!”

Qin Dong was stunned and did not speak as the other party continued on.

“These things are all for my wife.

Its cold over at her side and Im afraid that the child will freeze in the middle of winter!”

Xia Zhe continued speaking down the line.

“This… Ah!” Qin Dong paused for a moment before continuing, “Thats right, thats right.

We must make sure my niece-in-law and the child shes carrying dont freeze in the cold.

Youre really not bad, kid.

You got her pregnant after one night Impressive!”

Xia Zhe fell silent. Even if he was not accurate the first time, after several times in one night, he would be able to hit the target at least once, right


However, this was not something he could tell his uncle.

He continued saying, “Those maternity clothes and other stuff need to be made in a bigger size, and theres also the baby clothes and mattresses and stuff.

Send them over to her when theyre ready.

Im not sure if she knows how to make them.”



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