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There were not many enterprises in this small county city, so there were very few places that needed bean sprouts.

Those city departments did not like to have regular deliveries of vegetables and preferred to buy them personally at the store, so there was also no need for a large stockpile of bean sprouts.

These realistic situations made Qiao Mei realize that her plans were a little idealistic.

In reality, things would not always happen as she had planned.

However, Qiao Mei did not feel disheartened.

This was because her daily income from selling bean sprouts was now more than 1,000 dollars.

This amount of money was really way too much for this time period.

If others found out and became jealous, she would not be able to bear the consequences.

Now it was time to take a break.

It was also time to announce that she was pregnant.

Qiao Mei found some time to go out and have a chat with the older women, but then she suddenly started retching.

The women all looked at one another.

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Everyone asked Qiao Mei when she had her last period and about any recent changes in her body.

In the end, everyone concluded something:

Qiao Mei was pregnant!

“Youre pregnant! Youre with child!” Auntie Dong clapped her hands happily, her eyes filled with excitement.

“Youre pregnant in one shot!”

As soon as she said this, the people standing around looked away awkwardly.

Qiao Meis pregnancy was too much of a coincidence.

She got pregnant after one night If it was really so easy to get pregnant, Second Sister-in-law Wang living near the entrance of the village would not have needed to go to all the old traditional Chinese doctors in the vicinity in the past three years.

Qiao Mei had no choice but to smooth things over with regard to their suspicious looks.

She looked at the younger married women seriously and said, “For that night, if I calculate based on how you ladies taught me, it would be no less than four or five times.

My legs were so sore that night…”


“Oh my goodness!” all the women exclaimed.

They looked at Qiao Mei in disbelief and blushed.


What kind of man was this


Why did he fall for Qiao Mei and insist on marrying her

Qiao Mei was really extraordinarily lucky.

Although it was an arranged marriage between children, it was rare to have such apowerful partner.


“How did you feel that night” Big Sister-in-law Liu asked curiously.

Qiao Mei thought for a moment and replied seriously, “Just one word, tired!”

Everyone again laughed so hard until they were breathless.


However, as Big Sister-in-law Liu looked at Qiao Mei, she suddenly pointed at Qiao Mei in surprise and asked a spontaneous question.

“Look, did any of you notice, I feel that Qiao Mei has lost a lot of weight!”

Everyone turned to look at Qiao Mei and realized that she had indeed lost weight.

Her originally tight-fitting clothes now looked loose on her.

Her usually big plump face now looked much more pleasing to the eye.

Her thighs, which were as thick as buckets, now showed some curves.

This change was not considered a small one.

Qiao Mei looked at her own figure and nodded with a smile.

Her current body size had already met her initial expectations.

After more than a month of hard work, she had successfully lost more than 50 pounds.


From the back, she looked like an average person.

“Look, Qiao Mei seems to have become fairer.”

Big Auntie Dong looked at Qiao Meis face and said in surprise.

In the past, Qiao Meis entire face was squashed like a pancake due to her obesity.

Her facial features were squeezed together by her fleshy face that they were almost invisible.

Now that her weight loss showed on her face, her facial features could be seen clearly.

Her skin color had also turned a shade fairer.

“Look at Mei Mei.

Isnt this a standard oval face”

“These eyes are also quite big!”

“The nose bridge is not bad either.

Its very high.”

“This little mouth is red and looks very lustrous.

Its really cute.”

There was a flurry of astonished praises as everyone looked over Qiao Mei.

They had never observed her carefully before.

Perhaps she was too fat for her features to be seen clearly.

In short, they seemed to have only found out about Qiao Meis good looks now.

The general consensus was that Qiao Mei was much prettier than before.

Her facial features looked exceptionally pleasing to the eyes and she had a tranquil temperament.

If she lost a bit more weight, she might look even more beautiful.


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