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When Xia Zhe passed by the door carrying the beef sauce, Zhang Yong happened to see Xia Zhes smile.

He could not help but walk into the room with a frown.

He asked, “Is it the He family or the Ma family Which family is the girl from”

Whichever girl had actually captured Xia Zhes heart and melted him was really amazing.


The smile on Xia Zhes face disappeared as he looked at Zhang Yong and answered.

“Neither” Zhang Yong was very surprised. Which girl from another family could escape the attention of the He and Ma families and successfully capture Xia Zhes heart

This was simply unbelievable.

His own Zhang family did not manage to succeed.

He had wanted to get his sister to come over and meet Xia Zhe to see if they could get along.

He had not expected this to happen.

Has he been intercepted

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Xia Zhes eyes were cold as he looked at Zhang Yong.

“Shes just a girl from an ordinary family.

She has nothing to do with those families in the capital.”

This cold gaze made Zhang Yong feel a sense of pressure.

“Got it.” Wanting to maintain his own dignity, Zhang Yong pretended to turn around as if nothing had happened and walked towards his own room.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Wu came over just as Zhang Yong left.

He walked through the door in a careless manner with a big spoon in his hand.

His eyes scanned the room and finally stopped at the cabinet behind Xia Zhe.

“Big brother, can you introduce us to our sister-in-law”

In the next second, he rushed into the house and towards the cabinet.

Unexpectedly, there was a gust of wind from the side and a kick almost sent him flying.


It was Zhuang Hua.

He retracted his foot and stood there with his arms crossed.

Then he glanced sideways at Zhao Wu with his lips curled and said disdainfully, “Zhao Wu, youre really shameless.

Youre two years older than brother Xia Zhe, yet you still call him big brother How embarrassing!”

Zhao Wu chuckled and put his spoon away.

“I lost to big brother yesterday, so of course I have to call him big brother.

Its more embarrassing to be like you and pretend you didnt lose, isnt it”

However, he knew very well in his heart that what made him shameless was this delicious chili sauce that he had never tasted before.

Otherwise, he had never thought of calling Xia Zhe big brother.


In the end, Zhao Wus eyes flashed with mischief.

He looked at Xia Zhe and said loudly, “Big brother, he didnt address you properly.

He didnt keep his word.

If we have anything delicious in the future, dont share it with him.”

This statement made Zhuang Hua drop his defenses!

That chili sauce was really more delicious than anything that he had ever tasted.

It would be a pity if he could only smell it in the future and not be able to taste it again.

He immediately stammered and whispered, “Big… big brother!”




The way he looked made Zhao Wu grinned and laughed loudly.

“What are you laughing at Lets listen to big brother tell us about sister-in-law.” Zhuang Hua gave Zhao Wu a firm kick.

The smile in Xia Zhes eyes disappeared as he stood there without speaking.

I cant talk about us.

On the other side, Qiao Mei received a piece of bad news.

Her bean sprout business would have to shrink now.

Given that the half a month of militia training was over and the big bosses were moving away, it meant that the bean sprout business in the armed forces department was no longer required.

They did not need the big supply of bean sprouts anymore.

On its own, the armed forces department definitely could not consume so much bean sprouts.

Hence, Qiao Mei only needed to supply a small amount of bean sprouts to the supply and marketing cooperative.

They would need only about 200 catties as they would not be able to deal with any more than that.

Xiao Liu handed the last sum of money to Qiao Mei.

There was a total of 1,587 dollars in his hand.

“Our Section Head Chen said that the supply and marketing cooperative can still take in your bean sprouts now, but we can only take 200 catties this first round.

We dare not take more than that as we need to test the level of demand first.”

These 200 catties were just meant for the consumption of the staff at the supply and marketing cooperative.

“Dont worry, theres a big lumberyard on the east side of our county.

If theres no issue from their side, we can still take in a few hundred catties of bean sprouts in the future.

Its just that their factory director hasnt returned yet.”

Xiao Liu wanted to comfort her.


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