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“Im taking this!”

When Zhao Wu heard this, he took one of the jars and rushed out of the room nimbly, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Even Zhuang Hua, who looked so decorous, had already taken a jar and rushed out the door.

Only the soldier, Zhang Yong and Xia Zhe were left in the room.

Xia Zhe wrapped his arms around the jars, glared at the two of them and said loudly, “I have already given half of what I have.

If the two of you want any, dont even think about taking it from me.”


The soldier and Zhang Yong exchanged a look and saw the same intention in each others eyes.

The two of them instantly turned around and went after Zhao Wu and Zhuang Hua.

It was easier to take something from those two than to snatch it from Xia Zhe.

After everyone around him had left, Xia Zhe carefully opened one of the jars that he was holding.

In an instant, there was a rich chili fragrance in the air, making his stomach growl.

Xia Zhe stood where he was and smiled.

This gift… he loved it!


He stood still for a moment to take a long sniff, then covered the jars and locked it in the cupboard behind him.

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Then he picked up a letter from the package.

The words in the letter were not particularly well written but were surprisingly neat.

There were no circles nor ink smears.

It looked particularly comforting and made one want to read it.

The words were all very neat and of the same size.

They say words resemble the people who write them.

These words were just like her.

Xia Zhe suddenly recalled that night.

Although Qiao Mei was not a traditional beauty and also not too good-looking, she was special in her own way…

Especially that night, it was not as if he did not take any initiative.


Thinking of this, Xia Zhe felt so shy that his face turned red.

He shook his head and forced himself not to think about it anymore.

Whatever happened that night was in the past.

He turned his attention back to the letter.

The letter read:

How are you, Brother Xia

I dont know if you have received the four jars of chili sauce.

I made all four jars myself, does it smell good

Not knowing what you like, I made both spicy and non-spicy ones, you can try and see which one you like.

Or if theres anything else you want to eat, you can write and let me know.

Ill definitely make it for you when Im free.

Also, Ive received everything you asked people to send over.

Thank you so much for your kindness, Brother Xia!

Thank you so much.

At the end, the letter was signed: I am your wife, Qiao Xiaomei.


At the bottom of the letter was a drawing of a little smiling person.

The little person looked to be standing in the doorway, waiting for an old friend to return.

The drawing was extremely cute.

Xia Zhe finished reading the letter very quickly, but his eyes were wide with disbelief as he stared at the paper.

This letter… Can it be written like that

In such a cute manner

He suddenly remembered the touch of her skin that night, the body that was faintly discernible in the moonlight as well as the involuntary delicate gasps and continuous moans…

No, I cant think about it!


Xia Zhe shook his head to clear it of the memories.

He did not want to remember that night again, but his mind could not help but whisper the words in the letter in that lovely voice…

He was unaware that his lips had slowly curled into a smile.

Qiao Mei… was actually quite cute.


Although Qiao Qiang had schemed against him and forced him to spend the night with Qiao Mei, Qiao Mei was innocent.

In the end, she even changed her mind about the whole thing and did not lie to him.


In the letter, she even thanked him for his kindness.

Qiao Mei was a grateful and lovely girl with a kind heart and good culinary skills.

Finally he thought of the drawing at the bottom of the letter, the little person standing in the doorway.

Is the little person waiting for him

At the thought of this, Xia Zhe could no longer help but smile.

Even the look in his eyes turned warm and gentle, without the usual coldness.



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