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In this way, no one could blame her if anything went wrong.

They must have done something wrong themselves.

After these people harvested their bean sprouts, news immediately spread among the village and almost every family started growing their own bean sprouts.

Qiao Mei heard that there was a saying in the village that only a family with good values would be able to grow bean sprouts well.

If a family had bad values, the bean sprouts would not turn out well.


In the end, within the entire village, only Qiao Zhuangs family did not manage to grow bean sprouts well.

It was not just him, not a single one of his sons families managed to do it properly as well.

All their bean sprouts had a bitter taste.


This was all Qiao Meis doing.

It was also through the current experiment that she realized that she could not only control how the energy was given, but could also absorb the energy without returning it.

That was why the bean sprouts from Qiao Zhuangs family were all thin and small.

When Qiao Mei found out about this ability, she was stunned.

She could not believe that she was so powerful.

The beef sauce that Qiao Mei made finally arrived at Xia Zhes location after seven to eight days of transportation.

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“Commander Xia, your package has arrived!” A soldier shouted from the door.

As soon as he said that, the entire room fell silent.

Xia Zhe looked up in confusion. He had a package Who would send him a package No one at home had the habit of sending packages.

“What was sent” Xia Zhe asked curiously.

When the soldier heard this, he subconsciously swallowed his saliva and said, “Food!”

He did not know what the jar contained, but it smelled very fragrant.

It was so aromatic that just smelling it made one tempted to eat it.

Hearing that it was food, Xia Zhe found it even more odd.

His family had never sent him food before, so it was unlikely to be from his family.

There was no one he knew who might send him food.

“Who sent it” Xia Zhe asked curiously.

The soldier said loudly, “Its from your wife!”

As soon as he said this, everyones eyes lit up in shock.

When did Xia Zhe get married


“Xia Zhe, you got a wife”

“When was this”

Three people asked their questions loudly and in shock.


Everyone was still single, so why was it that Xia Zhe was already married and now his wife was sending things over It was really enviable!

Xia Zhe was stunned on the spot for a moment.

It was not that he did not remember that he had a wife, but he really did not expect her to send anything to him.

Her family was poor and she was so fat.

There must not be enough food at home, right


“Bring it in!”

Xia Zhe waved his hand and let the soldier in.

The soldier placed the package on the table and stood beside it, looking at Xia Zhe eagerly.

None of the other three men had left either.

“Just like before, well share half of the food!” The tall and dark Zhao Wu said.


Next to him was Zhuang Hua, who looked more refined, and he also nodded and smiled in agreement.

Zhang Yong walked over and looked at the opened package on the table.

He frowned when he saw the crooked words “To Xia Zhe” on the package. Was his wifes handwriting so ugly

Xia Zhes eyes lit up when he saw the words on it.

He did not expect Qiao Mei to know how to write.

Although the handwriting was crooked and did not look nice, at least she knew how to write and that was already very good.


Initially, he thought that Qiao Mei was illiterate.

Her being able to read and write had already exceeded his expectations.

“Quick, take a look at what it is.

It smells so good!”

Zhao Wu stretched out his head and fanned the air with his hand, looking like he was enjoying himself.

When the four jars had been delivered earlier, they had been checked by a specific department in charge.

Now that they had been opened, they could not be re-sealed and the fragrance wafted out.

Everyone could not help but gulp.

This smell was simply too fragrant.

Xia Zhe also could not help taking a step forward to reach out and open the lid of the jar.

In an instant, the rich fragrance from the jar filled the entire room, making everyone take a deep breath involuntarily..


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