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Qiao Mei thought for a moment and continued, “Then when you come over tomorrow, send me a few baskets.

I dont have enough baskets for this 1,000 catties of bean sprouts.”

“Sure, no problem.” He naturally agreed to such a small matter.

Now that the matter of the bean sprouts had been settled, she remembered another thing she needed.

There was the matter of Xia Zhes address.

She looked at Xiao Liu and asked, “Xiao Liu, help me ask Uncle Chen if I can find out the address of my man.

I want to send something over!”

“Alright, Ill ask!” Xiao Liu nodded in agreement.

Qiao Qiang, who was standing at the side, was already dumbfounded.

He quickly entered the house and picked up a pen and paper to do some calculations.

It was a total of 1,000 catties of green beans now, which meant that they could grow about 130 baskets of bean sprouts.

One basket could sell for 15 dollars, which meant that it would be nearly 2,000 dollars, including the cost.

The net earnings worked out to about 1,700 to 1,800 dollars.

Moreover, this amount was the earnings per day and they would continue earning money every day.


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At this point, Qiao Qiang dropped the pen in his hand and his eyes almost popped out.

His granddaughter could actually earn nearly 2,000 dollars a day

No one would believe this.

In this era where a big familys living expenses were only 100 to 200 dollars a year, earning 2,000 dollars a day was really unimaginable.

After Xiao Liu left, Qiao Mei also did her sums.

She did not expect to be able to make a lot of money just like that.

Moreover, the money came so quickly and it was really unexpected.

It was all thanks to Uncle Chen Hus help.

The next day, Xiao Liu brought Xia Zhes address with him.

Xia Zhe did not go on a mission this time.

Instead, he had gone to an isolated environment for special training for a few months, so he could not come out.

But it was possible to send things to him.

Qiao Mei thought about it for a moment. Her jade pendant and children are all brought to her by Xia Zhe.

He has given her a better life, so she naturally has to thank him properly.

Besides, feelings grow by the day.

Perhaps if she sends something to him and writes a letter or something, she can let him discover her other strong points.

Thinking of this, Qiao Mei asked Xiao Liu to bring some beef and bean paste for her tomorrow.

With Chen Hus help, he managed to bring 20 catties of beef and a few catties of bean paste the next day.

Currently, cows were still the main productive force so they could not be slaughtered freely.

Therefore, the beef available was all from old or disabled cows.

It was really very good to be able to get 20 catties of beef.

She was busy in the kitchen for most of the day before she managed to make two jars of beef sauce.

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During the cooking process, the fragrance floated above the entire village for a very long time.

The entire village smelled the fragrance of the beef and ate their rice with it as accompaniment.

It was really too fragrant, but they did not have the guts to go and ask for this beef.

After all, Qiao Meis food aggression temper had left a deep impression on the people.


All her strength was used to protect her food, so no one had any intention of coming to her place to ask for food.

But Qiao Zhuangs family was different.

Upon smelling this aroma, Qiao Zhuang, who was at the dining table, handed a porcelain bowl to Qiao Yu and spoke to her coldly.

“Go! Go get a bowl of that dish back!”

Qiao Yu looked distressed, but because of Qiao Zhuangs forceful manner, she had no choice but to stand up and walk towards the door.

She felt that Qiao Mei seemed to have become a different person.

It was not easy to lie to her now and the success rate of getting some food back was not high.

But she still walked out under the familys watchful eyes.

Soon, she arrived at Qiao Meis house.

As she stood at the entrance of the courtyard, the smell was even stronger.

She took a deep breath and almost drooled.

She decided that getting a taste of the food would be worth being mocked, or even beaten up, by Qiao Mei.

“Elder sis Xiao Mei!”

Qiao Yu stood outside the courtyard and looked inside with a pitiful expression.


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