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At the thought of this, Qiao Meis eyes lit up.

She looked at her grandfather and said, “Grandfather, Ill write to him, but you have to help me and teach me how to write.

Ive forgotten most of the words by now!”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

As they spoke about this, Qiao Qiang nodded with a smile.

It would be best if Qiao Mei had the inclination to study.

All his years of studies would not go to waste and he could impart everything he knew to Mei Mei.

Joy flashed across Qiao Meis eyes.

Not only would she write to Xia Zhe, but she would learn more words at a reasonable speed.

In the near future, she would want to take the college entrance examination and go to university!


She was not willing to be an illiterate person forever.

Besides, looking at the time period, the college entrance examination would be resuming next year.

Naturally, she had to prepare early.

The college entrance examination was a good opportunity for upward social mobility!

After all, she had married Xia Zhe.

His background was not an ordinary one and he might still be reluctant to accept a countryside woman like her.

Perhaps even the children she was carrying would be mocked and ridiculed.

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In order for her children and herself not to be looked down upon, she must work hard and get into university.

Qiao Mei took out a few books from the wooden box under Qiao Qiangs bed.

These books were left over from Qiao Qiangs school days and they were good options for use as Qiao Meis beginner books.

Qiao Mei took out the books and flipped through them to get ready for her lessons the next day.

The next morning, the two of them started their lessons after breakfast.

Very quickly, Qiao Mei showed great aptitude for studying.

She only needed to go through the words that Qiao Qiang taught her for two or three times before memorizing them well.

Moreover, the speed at which she was learning did not cause Qiao Qiang to feel that something was wrong.

After a day of studying, Qiao Qiang nodded with a smile and said in satisfaction, “My Mei Mei is just so smart!”

In one day, he had almost taught her all the words he knew.

The next morning, Xiao Liu came again in a car.

He put down the empty basket and said happily to Qiao Mei, “Now we want more bean sprouts, as much as you have! I brought you 1,000 catties of green beans this time!”

After they brought the bean sprouts back yesterday, they all ate to their hearts content.

Even the leader who came by for inspection was happy with it.

The leader said jokingly, “Section Head Chen, when theres such good stuff, dont keep it for yourself.

Share with all of us!”

The leader was joking but Chen Hu dared not treat it as a joke.

Naturally, he had to try his best to satisfy his leader.

He immediately replied, “We had taken this from a production brigade.

If our leaders want it, we definitely have to satisfy them.”

The leader smiled but said nothing.

Only then was he satisfied.

Of course, these bean sprouts were not given for free.

Even if they were taken from a production brigade, they needed to be paid for.

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So now, in addition to providing for the armed forces, they also had to give each of these leaders 400 to 500 catties of bean sprouts every day.

Based on these calculations, there was a need for production of a lot of bean sprouts every day.

Xiao Liu asked with uncertainty, “How much bean sprouts can you grow in a day We have a great demand here!”

“Probably about 1,000 catties a day.

Anything more than that, the quality might be compromised,” Qiao Mei said after some thought.

The maximum amount of bean sprouts that she could grow would be around 1,000 catties, which was about 13 to 14 baskets.

If she were to grow more, it would probably attract attention.

There was a limit to what a person could do.

She had to act like a normal person and could not let anyone notice that something was out of the ordinary.

“Alright! Then when can you get the first batch done” Xiao Liu asked.

“At that time, Ill bring the car to collect the bean sprouts!”

It was now 1,000 catties.

In the past, the amount was 100 catties and it could be transported by train.

The bean sprouts could be loaded during a train stop.

But it was different now as 1,000 catties could not be loaded onto the train in an instant.

Qiao Mei thought for a moment.

“In four or five days.

By then, 1,000 catties of bean sprouts will be ready and you can come and get them then.”

“Okay!” Xiao Liu was quite happy.

Now that there were 1,000 catties of bean sprouts being produced, he could eat bean sprouts every day.

These were crisp and good bean sprouts!


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