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Qiao Mei looked at her and said word by word, “Dont lie through your teeth.

Your family occupied my family house and now youre denying it”

“Back then, my mother made it very clear that if you take good care of me, the house will belong to you.

If you dont take good care of me, she wont give it to you even if she had to return it to the brigade!”

This wretched girl actually remembered all these things!

Now, she actually wanted to take the house back

Big Auntie Qiao looked at her hatefully and held back her anger as she said, “These things are between adults.

You were still young back then.

What do you know”

With that, she went back through the door without looking back.

Back then, there was indeed such a matter.

When Qiao Meis mother left, she even drafted an agreement with the brigade because of this.

Everyone in the brigade knew about it back then.

However, over the years, no one dared to find trouble with their family.

This agreement was naturally left unsettled.

Otherwise, just based on how skinny Qiao Mei was back then, this house would have been taken away long ago.

This wretched girl could still remember!

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It seemed that they had to pay more attention in the future and not let her bring up old matters again.

Their family was very used to living in the house by now, so they were naturally unwilling to return it.

Qiao Mei, who was standing on the spot, looked at the closed door in contemplation.

If she asked them for the house directly, they would definitely disagree.

She could only use her wits to get it back, so she would have to make other plans in the future.

Anyway, she would definitely get the house back.

When she got home, Qiao Qiang was already used to seeing these two big carrying baskets filled with things.

It was spring in the mountains now, so there were naturally many things to find.

It all depended on ones luck.

Naturally, his Mei Mei had the best luck.

Qiao Mei took out some small nuts from the basket and prepared to feed them to the chickens, ducks and geese in the backyard.

After all, these little guys also had to grow bigger.

Qiao Qiang, who was standing at the side, felt his heart ache.

These were all edible nuts.

When there was no food, just eating these things would fill ones stomach.

Qiao Mei saw the look in his eyes and comforted him.

“Grandpa, after we sell these baskets of bean sprouts, we can get back our principal sum.

When Uncle Chen Hu gives me the money for selling bean sprouts today, our family will have enough money to go to the city to buy more food.”

“When the time comes, we can sell the bean sprouts grown from these 100 catties of green beans, then buy green beans, and then sell bean sprouts.

This way, we can make a lot of money!”

These words made Qiao Qiang smile until his eyes disappeared.

He naturally knew this logic, but because he had gone hungry before, he naturally cherished food very much.

Thinking of the changes in the family in the past few days, Qiao Qiang looked at Qiao Mei with joy.

Mei Mei… had really changed drastically!

Now, she knew how to grow bean sprouts to earn money and had good culinary skills.

All of these were probably thanks to that kid Xia Zhe.

If not for that kids appearance, Mei Mei would not have become like another person.

Perhaps… This was the power of love

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“I wonder how Xia Zhe is doing over there.

Write to him when you have time and build some rapport with him.

Ask him how hes doing over there!”

Qiao Qiang thought of Xia Zhe and reminded Qiao Mei.

Xia Zhe was such a good catch and she must not let him lose him.

As his new wife, Qiao Mei still had to build up her relationship with him.

Write to him

Qiao Mei was stunned when she heard this and tried her best to recall her past memories.

Does the original owner of the body know how to write

Under her best efforts to recall her past memories, she remembered that when she was young, her grandfather had tried to teach her to write.

Those words that he taught her were the most simple words.

Unfortunately, the original owner of the body had no intention of learning and could not pick it up.

In the end, she did not know many words and her standard was very low.


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