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Hearing his agreement, Qiao Mei smiled and let go of his arm.

She walked to the kitchen to prepare a large table of dishes to serve them.

Her body was now in a much better condition than before.

She had no problem entertaining more than ten people and her body was still quite strong.

On an arrangement of bean sprouts, she stewed some cabbage, pork and vermicelli.

She also cooked a few pumpkins!

Although there was only a little bit of pork left from a few days ago, it was already good enough to be able to get some meat in their meals in this era.

Furthermore, the portion was big enough to be filling for everyone.

She was sure she could let them have a happy meal together.

After Qiao Mei was done with the dishes and placed them on the table, everyone was tempted by the smell.

There was no doubt that Qiao Meis meal was highly agreeable with everyone.

No one expected this plump girl to be so good at cooking!

In this era, it was already good enough to have sufficient food to eat.

Everyone had food, so they just made do with it.

They did not have any extravagant hopes of eating delicious food.

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After the dozen or so people finished eating, they did not stay for long.

They took the remaining baskets of bean sprouts from Qiao Meis house and hurried back to the city.

These bean sprouts were supposed to take another two to three days to be ready, but Qiao Mei had the energy to solve this issue.

She took out the bean sprouts.

Under the thatch covering were tender bean sprouts.

These people did not suspect anything and carried the bean sprouts up onto the truck.

Qiao Qiang also did not feel that anything was wrong.

This way, they could take a few baskets of bean sprouts with them at once and save Qiao Mei a lot of effort.

She would have the time and energy to do other things!

After all, her first task now was to lose weight and become prettier.

Naturally, she had to spend more time in the mountains.

“Theres no hurry with the money.

Just note it down in the account book and well calculate it later.” Qiao Mei was at the door, sending them off.

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Go back and help me ask about this.

In the future, I would like to send the bean sprouts by the first train every day.

This way, you can just pick up the bean sprouts at a fixed time every day! I dont have to run around either.”

“No problem, Ill tell him when I get back.” Xiao Liu sat in the front passenger seat and agreed readily.

After Qiao Mei sent the truck away, she immediately started to soak the green beans and clean up the mess on the table.

This time, it was to produce more than 1,000 catties.

She did not know if Uncle Chen Hu could finish everything at his end, but if he could not, he would probably have a way to get rid of it all.

Thinking of this, she went up the mountain in peace.

This time round, she found a lot of good things on the mountain.

Not only were there chestnuts in the basket she was carrying, but there were also some other things.

She filled her baskets up with things from the mountain and went on her way home.

When she passed by Qiao Zhuangs house, she could clearly hear Qiao Yu crying as if she had been beaten up.

Serves you right!

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It was her fault for not having good intentions and thinking about those crooked thoughts all day long.

When Qiao Mei passed by, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Qiao family happened to come out and was about to go out for a walk.

“Yo, isnt this Mei Mei Based on how you look, did you go to the mountain to find something good again Come, let auntie see whats inside!”

As Big Auntie Qiao spoke, she walked towards Qiao Mei.

Everyone in the village knew that Qiao Mei had gotten some good stuff from the mountains recently.

She wanted to see if she could sneak some stuff home.

However, before she could get close, she had to cover her nose from the smell emanating from Qiao Meis body and could not help but take a few steps back.

Qiao Mei put down her burden and rested for a while.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “Big Auntie Qiao, do you remember what my mother said When are you going to return this house to me”

As soon as she said this, a trace of fear flashed across Big Auntie Qiaos eyes before she sorted out her thoughts and replied.

“What house What are you talking about How come I dont know anything and isnt your family living well at the end of the village We dont go to your house to cause trouble now.”


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