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A ruthless glint flashed across his eyes.

He was about to smash the wooden box with the wooden stick when he heard a sweet female voice in the courtyard.

“Everything was fine when you took it.

If its broken when you take it out, it wont be as simple as just compensating money to me.

When the time comes, the crime of personal property damage will be added to the crime of theft.”

Qiao Mei stood in the courtyard and looked towards the inside of the house.

Her voice was very loud to ensure that everyone in the courtyard could hear her.

She had never even used her betrothal gifts before, so she could not bear to let this group of people ruin it!

When Qiao Wang heard these words, his face turned green with anger.

However, he did not dare to say anything and could only turn his back to Qiao Mei with a glare and let out a deep breath.

Qiao Gang had just taken the watch out from under the bed.

When he heard Qiao Meis words, his hand trembled and he almost dropped the watch on the floor.

Qiao Yu, who was next to him, quickly reached out and caught the watch.

She was so scared that the blood had drained from her face.

She was the one who got the people to deliver these betrothal gifts to their house.

Now that she already could not reap any benefits, if she broke the watch instead and had to go to jail, then it was all too terrible!

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She would definitely get a beating.

Soon, Qiao Gang and Qiao Wang took out the items.

The sewing machine and the watch were brand new and not damaged at all.

The radio was also in good condition, as were the other bits and pieces.

Most of the things were not even unwrapped.

Qiao Mei nodded in satisfaction.

She stood in front of them smilingly and she prepared to let them off.

Now was not the time to fall out with them.

After all, she still had to live in this village.

Otherwise, she would not be able to stay in the village in the future and they would really become mortal enemies.

She turned around and took all these things with her.

She sat in the truck and left under the surprised gazes of the group of people at Qiao Zhuangs door.

Everyone was extremely surprised!

Qiao Mei had actually snatched back her betrothal gifts from Qiao Zhuangs house.

It was the first time something like that happened.

In the past, many people in the village had been bullied by Qiao Zhuangs family, but this was the first time they had seen someone deal with them like Qiao Mei, who looked like she won a battle with no injuries at all.

The villagers looked at the truck Qiao Mei was in with changed expressions.

Qiao Qiang, who was already waiting anxiously at home, heard the sound of a truck.

He walked out and saw a group of burly men moving things into the house.

Only then did he know that Qiao Mei had snatched the betrothal gifts back!

Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at Qiao Mei with mixed feelings.

He never imagined that his Mei Mei would one day be able to rely on her intelligence and wisdom to ride on others strength to grab back her own things.

Previously, he had been worried that his status would implicate Chen Hu, so he had not allowed himself to have too much contact with him.

But now, there was probably no need to do so anymore.

Things were going to change in the future and the situation looked to be bright.

“Good, good, good.

Come, Mei Mei.

Lets take out what we have and prepare a table full of dishes for these good comrades.

We have to treat them to a good meal!”

“Dont! We cant let you go through so much trouble.

Were militia, so we naturally cant use the things of the commoners!” Xiao Liu waved his hand and quickly declined.

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However, before he could get into the car, Qiao Mei grabbed him and he found himself stuck to the spot, unable to move.

“Lets eat together.

Youre all ordinary people too.

Since were all ordinary people, it doesnt matter if we eat together.

Besides, if your Section Head Chen was here, he would also agree!” Qiao Mei said.

The burly men in the truck laughed and immediately felt that Qiao Mei was quite cute.

“None of you is allowed to leave.

If you leave, Ill complain to your Section Head Chen!” Qiao Mei threatened.

Xiao Liu really had no choice.

Now that he was grabbed by Qiao Mei, he could not move at all, not even to take a step forward.

He could only listen to her and let everyone eat before leaving.

“Aye!” Xiao Liu replied resignedly.


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