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Even if his family had money, they might not be able to buy these things.

In this era, one needed the corresponding coupons to buy things like sewing machines, radios and watches.

Without coupons, one would not be able to buy them!

“You think I wont know if you dont admit it I would advise you not to refuse to speak now.”

“Those betrothal gifts are due to arrive within these few days.

You secretly hide them in your house, do you think I wont know If I realize that something was wrong, wont I ask my man Even if you dont tell me now, I can still know!”

Qiao Mei continued speaking.

Qiao Zhuang was at a loss for words.

For sure he did not think too much about it when he saw such good stuff.

He had thought that there were so many people in his family, so how could he be afraid of Qiao Mei and Qiao Qiang

Besides, if the villagers did not say anything and the people who delivered the gifts had left, by the time the two of them found out, there was nothing they could do about it.

His family would have been able to use the things for a few months.

Even if they knew and he told them he did not say anything about not returning the things and had only borrowed them, what could they do Could they sentence him What relatives did not borrow things from each other


Therefore, after thinking about it, he did not take the matter seriously at all.

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However, he did not expect that not only did Qiao Mei know about the matter, but she even brought so many people to his courtyard.

The people she brought all had guns.

“Are you afraid now Chen Hu from the armed forces department used to be my grandfathers subordinate and he has now sent these people here to support me! Its really disappointing that you people actually did such a thing!” Qiao Mei continued.

“Now you see, if you continue to deny it, the guns of these people in the courtyard wont agree with you.

Theyll take you to jail and convict you of theft!”

She especially emphasized her last few words loudly.

After all, this group of people were not nice people.

If she did not spell out their crime, none of them would be afraid.

She was a lawyer for many years in her other life, so she naturally knew how unreasonable people like them were.

Now that she had brought up her grandfathers relationship with her Uncle Chen Hu, she would be able to scare them a little.

The title of section head of the armed forces department was not only for show, it really held some real weight.

With guns, there was the power to restrain people.

A trace of fear flashed across Qiao Zhuangs eyes.

After Qiao Qiang returned from the capital, he had never seen him use his connections.

Why did he suddenly appear to know the section head of the armed forces department

“Now, immediately, at once.

Bring out the things in the same manner as you took them in.

Im still waiting to go home!” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Zhuang felt a huge sense of reluctance.

Those things had not even been used yet.

After he took them, he only kept them in the house and did not have the time to take them out for a look yet.

Was he going to return them now

“Go! Take them out!” Xiao Liu shouted and glared at him angrily.

When the people in the courtyard heard the shout, they immediately raised their guns and pointed them at Qiao Zhuang, as if they were about to shoot him in the head within the next second.

This action frightened all Qiao Zhuangs family members in the courtyard.

They immediately hugged their heads and squatted down.

Qiao Zhuangs body swayed as he also got really shocked.

When he regained his senses, he gritted his teeth and said to Big Auntie Qiao who was squatting beside him, “Go get it!”

Big Auntie Qiao hurriedly stood up and rushed into the room.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang after her.

“You guys go too!” Qiao Zhuang refused to get it himself as he found it too embarrassing.

He said the words to his two sons who were squatting nearest to him.

Qiao Wang and Qiao Gang looked up and saw their fathers gaze.

They also stood up reluctantly and walked towards the rooms.

Qiao Wang walked towards the kitchen and looked at the pile of firewood.

He took a big stick and poked it into the firewood pile.

In a few moments, he flipped the pile open, revealing a brand new sewing machine still in its packaging inside.


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