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Last year, there were also trucks that came by.

A group of people got off and said that they were from the lecture troupe, here to tell everyone about the latest policies and they even distributed some food.

“Whats going on” asked the old man smoking at the village entrance.

The auntie beside him was plucking a withered vegetable leaf but her eyes were sharp enough to see Qiao Mei sitting in the front passenger seat.

She exclaimed, “Isnt that Qiao Mei from Qiao Qiangs family Is she sitting in the car”

“What what Qiao Mei is in the car” asked Uncle Niu who was passing by.

“Lets go over and take a look.

I wonder what happened!”

“Lets go take a look!”


The group of people followed the big truck and more people gathered along the way until they reached Qiao Zhuangs house.


To everyones surprise, as soon as the truck stopped, more than 10 men got down and rushed towards Qiao Zhuangs courtyard.

What an aggressive manner!

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It was noon now.

Qiao Zhuang and his family were resting in the courtyard after work.

Big Auntie Qiao was washing vegetables in the courtyard while Third Auntie was burning firewood in the kitchen.

The courtyard was very quiet.

Then about a dozen militiamen rushed into the courtyard, blocked the door and immediately surrounded the entire courtyard.

Each of them had a gun strapped to the waist.

It was clear from their imposing manner that these were not ordinary people.

At this moment, even the usually fierce Qiao Zhuang was frightened.

His legs were trembling and the cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.

The few men from Qiao Zhuangs family also all huddled against the wall.

“What… whats wrong” Qiao Zhuangs lips trembled as he asked softly.

He observed the people around him carefully.

The current militia did not have a uniform so what they wore were their own clothes.

These clothes were all patched up and did not look new.

They looked no different from ordinary people except that they had guns strapped to their waists.

Other than soldiers, there were also bandits who carried guns, so he could not be sure of the identities of the people in front of him.

The people in the courtyard heard his question but did not speak.

Everyone looked at the door.

A person slowly got out of the front passenger seat of the truck at the gate.

It was Qiao Mei!

Qiao Mei got down from the truck and slowly walked to the center of the courtyard.

The villagers at the door all exclaimed loudly and craned their heads to look inside.

Now was the time to watch the fun.

After the militiaman at the door saw Qiao Mei get off the truck and walk in, he immediately closed the door to block off the villagers views.

Now, the villagers could only stand at the door and peep in through the gap.

In the courtyard, Qiao Zhuang was stunned when he saw Qiao Mei coming.

After getting over the shock, he immediately reacted to what was going on.

“Second Grandpa, what are you busy with Are you done with work”

Qiao Mei walked over slowly with a smile on her face.

She looked at the Qiao family members in the courtyard and spoke.

The moment they heard the voice, the terrified members of Qiao Zhuangs family immediately came to attention.

“Yes, yes, work is done!”

Qiao Zhuang quickly replied.

His attitude this time was the best she had even seen.

He even looked at her with a little fear.

Qiao Mei smiled and nodded.

She continued to ask with a bright smile, “I heard that you took something from my family”

When Qiao Zhuang heard this, realization flashed across his eyes.

So she was really here to ask for something!

But how did she know that the things were at his house Furthermore, she had made preparations in advance and brought such a large group of people to the courtyard.

It was obvious that she had come prepared!

However, there was one thing that Qiao Zhuang could not understand.

He had heard that Qiao Mei had set off early in the morning, Qiao Qiang was at home alone and neither of them asked anyone in the village for information.

The two people who delivered the items yesterday had also boarded the train earlier and left the village long ago.

Then how did Qiao Mei know that the betrothal gifts were in their house


“What is it” Qiao Zhuang pretended not to know what she was talking about even as his eyes flashed with his thoughts.

In this situation, even if these people surrounded his courtyard, he still did not want to hand over the things.

Those were all good stuff.


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