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“Besides, the standard of medical care in the capital is definitely better than what we have here.

When the time comes, your grandfathers illness…” Chen Hu continued.

Qiao Qiangs illness…

Although the doctor said that it was incurable, it would be good to be able to enjoy life in the capital at the end of ones life.

“Your grandfather still cant let go of what happened back then.” Chen Hu gave a long sigh.

“If Qiao Guo and Qiao Lan hadnt cut ties with your grandfather back then, perhaps they would have been dragged down by him.

Who can judge right from wrong about things that happened back then”

At this point, Qiao Meis eyes lit up!

Qiao Guo and Qiao Lan Now that she even knew their names, she would have the upper hand on things in the future.

In that chaotic era of self-preservation, such things were quite common.

Moreover, according to Chen Hu, her grandfather was the regiment commander back then.

From being regiment commander to returning to the countryside to recuperate, she could imagine how much suffering her grandfather had gone through.

In the face of imminent danger, it was very normal for everyone to protect themselves.

She wondered if Qiao Guo and Qiao Lan were her grandfathers biological or adopted children

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“Grandfather is unwilling to tell me about what happened back then.” Qiao Mei asked curiously, “How old are my uncle and auntie What exactly happened in the past”

Chen Hu sighed resignedly and recalled what happened at that time.

He really could not bear to see Commander Qiao living alone.

Besides, Qiao Mei was now married and would naturally have to leave to be with her husbands family one day.

At that time, he could not imagine his old regiment commander being all alone.

Just thinking about that scene of his old regiment commander being all by himself when the time came made him feel terrible.

It would be good to tell Qiao Mei the story about her uncle and auntie now.

This way, she would be able to understand the situation at home and it might be easier for Qiao Mei to persuade his old regiment commander.

Thinking of this, Chen Hu explained, “Your uncle and auntie are the children of the second wife that the regiment commander married when he was 35 years old.

Now, one of them is 38 years old and the other is 36 years old.

Back then, your grandfather and his father-in-law had a quarrel because of different opinions and then later, Commander Qiao came back to our village alone.”

“I see!” Qiao Mei nodded.

In that case, her grandfather must have had such a different opinion from them that they could not live together.

She wondered how they were doing now.

“What about them now” Qiao Mei continued to ask.

Since her grandfather had returned home 10 years ago, then that family must have been the victors back then.

However, at this juncture, there was going to be a huge reshuffle in power.

In the eyes of Qiao Mei, who came from the future, the ideological winners from ten years ago were going to become really unlucky this time.

Grandfather could not go back to be with them at this juncture.

If her grandfather was thought to be on the same side as them, wouldnt her grandfather have suffered for nothing for the past 10 years

“The family of your uncle and auntie…” At this point, Chen Hu stopped and did not say anything else.

According to what he heard, Qiao Guo and Qiao Lan had not been doing too well in the past two years.

However, he did not want to say it now in case Qiao Mei told Qiao Qiang and made him worried.

“Theyre all living very well now.” Chen Hu thought for a moment and continued, “Theyre waiting for you two to go over and enjoy life!”

Enjoy life

It would be good enough if they did not get dragged down together, how could they be able to go over to enjoy life

A dark glint flashed across Qiao Meis eyes, but she did not say anything.

At this moment, Xiao Liu pushed open the door and walked in.

He handed the 15 dollars in his hand to Qiao Mei and said, “This is the 15 dollars from the sale.

Just now, when the people from the supply and marketing cooperative saw me bringing the bean sprouts again, they came to snatch a handful to try and they found these bean sprouts very delicious.

They wanted to know where I bought these bean sprouts from as they also wanted to get some!”

Under Chen Hus angry gaze, he added, “Its just a small handful.

They know that this is your bean sprouts and dont dare to grab too much!”


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