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Last month, a woman came to his door and said that she was pregnant with his child.

Of course, Ma San would not believe the words of a call girl.

It was impossible to know whose child she was carrying.

Later on, when Ma San realized that she had been with him for the past few months and had not slept with any other man, he really panicked.

He only managed to settle this matter by giving this woman a large sum of money and bringing her for an abortion.

Now that Shen Na was pregnant, he did not dare to do anything to make her angry.

He would not be able to bear the responsibility if anything happened to her.

Besides, he was looking forward to being a father.

He thought that he had been very careful when he settled this matter, but he did not expect He Mei to be able to grab hold of evidence.

“What… what are you talking about I dont understand.” Ma San looked elsewhere to avoid He Meis gaze, not daring to look at her directly.

“We both know what Im talking about.

Its not good to say it out loud.

If I tell my sister about this, can you guess what will happen” He Mei said with a smile.

Ma San had no choice but to compromise.

“Alright, Ill listen to you,” Ma San said.

He Mei proudly went back to the pavilion with Ma San.

Qiane smiled and said, “Why Are you going back on your word and not agreeing to my conditions”

“No, we both agree.

But you have to tell me what you plan to do,” He Mei said as she sat down.

Qiane had already put some thoughts to this matter.

She already guessed that He Mei would ask her about it.

“If I go to the house and say that Xia Zhe and I are having an affair, that will make Qiao Mei very angry.

If she falls down of her own accord when were arguing, thatll make her lose her child, dont you think” Qiane said.

“No! Xia Zhe cant be dragged into this matter.

If you do this, youll tarnish Xia Zhes reputation! You can only target Qiao Mei,” He Mei said agitatedly.

“Looks like you want to be Mrs.

Xia after Qiao Mei leaves,” Qiane looked at He Mei derisively.

He Mei did not panic even after her intentions were exposed.

It was not as if Qiane did not know that she had always liked Xia Zhe.

There was nothing wrong or shameful with her wanting to be Xia Zhes wife.

“Yes, please think of another way,” He Mei said.

Qiane thought for a moment and said, “Then well trick Qiao Mei into coming out and get her to go to the lakeside.

Then, well make it look as if she loses her footing and falls into the water.

This way, we can kill two birds with one stone.

As long as she dies, theres no child to worry about.”

He Mei was a little shocked.

She did not expect Qiane to be so ruthless and to find it so easy to talk about fighting and killing someone.

“Thats quite a good idea, but Qiao Mei does not go out at all nowadays.

How do you intend to do it” He Mei asked.

Qiane was also not sure how she could do it, but there was no need to be so precise when she was only trying to fool He Mei.

“Why do you care! Why dont you do it yourself then!” Qiane said as she pretended to be very angry.

It made He Mei worried that Qiane would go back on her word after finally agreeing, so she did not ask further.

“Alright, Ill wait for your good news then.” He Mei was about to get up and leave when Qiane reached out to stop her.

“You think all you need to do is to take out some money Dont tell me Im doing this all by myself” Qiane asked.

As Qiao Mei was still nearby, she had to get more information from He Mei so that Qiao Mei would believe her.

Otherwise, all her efforts would go to waste and she would fail on both sides.

He Mei looked at Qiane in puzzlement and asked, “Do you still have any other issues”

“Dont tell me you wont help me with anything other than coming up with the money You have to give me some guarantees to make me believe that you really want to work with me,” Qiane said.

This actually made sense to He Mei.

Back then, she was the one who lied to Qiane, and she even lied several times.

It was normal for Qiane to feel guarded now.

“Ill give you whatever you need.

I can provide it to you as long as I have the manpower and resources to do it.

You just have to ensure that the matter is done well,” He Mei said to Qiane with a smile.

“Then tell me your request in detail again,” Qiane said.

He Mei looked at Qiane in confusion.

Did she not make herself clear just now She thought she had already made her conditions, requests and offers very clear.

“Was I not clear enough just now” He Mei asked.

“I dont quite understand what you want me to do.

Whether you want me to kill Qiao Mei or for something to happen to the baby she is carrying.

This is a matter of life and death, so we cant be careless,” Qiane said as she looked at He Mei sternly.

He Mei nodded.

What Qiane said made sense.

Suddenly, another thought flashed across her mind.

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