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Once He Ning knew what she had done, she would not be able to get her way in the He family ever again.

He Mei had always relied on the fact that she was the eldest and only daughter of the He family to look down on everyone.

Even He Ning had to dote on her.

If she wanted something, there was nothing that He Ning would not agree to give her.

The reason was because she was not married and had not snagged Xia Zhe yet.

They all had the same goals, so they indulged her so much.

If He Ning came back and found out that the Xia family had become an enemy and there was no way the two families could become relatives, she would soon be arranged to marry someone else.

At that time, she would not have any choice over the matter.

All this while, she had always understood that she was an object that the He family used to consolidate their status.

It was not up to her to decide who she should marry.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Qiane hid at one side and took deep breaths.

She recalled the pain from that day again.

Qiane touched her stomach subconsciously.

Her child was no longer around and her life was already ruined.

There was nothing to be afraid of anymore.

All she had left was her own life.

“Dont tell me you asked me to come here today so that you can kill me,” Qiane said mockingly as she looked at He Mei.

He Mei felt a little sorry as she looked at Qiane and saw the red marks on her neck.

After all, she had only wanted to teach Qiane a lesson back then and it was not her intention to ruin Qiane.

“No, but tell me.

What exactly do you want” He Mei asked as she looked at Qiane solemnly.

Just now, she only wanted Ma San to leave the He family.

Without the He familys support, the Ma family would soon head towards destruction and be finished very quickly, but now…

“For your He family to send himself away to some godforsaken place! And bar him from returning to the capital for the rest of his life,” Qiane said as she pointed at Ma San.

For Ma San, who was used to a life of prosperity and wealth, sending him to the countryside would be akin to sending him to his death.

After being pampered for so many years, he was incapable of any physical chores.

If he went to the countryside, he probably could not even survive for three months and could only wait for death to come.

“Are you crazy” Ma San looked at Qiane in shock.

Qiane smiled and said, “Im not crazy.

I just want you to go there and fend for yourself.

This way, I wont have to be annoyed whenever I see you.”

Ma San looked at He Mei in a panic.

If He Mei really sent him there, all the money he took from them would become useless.

He had heard stories about how the elders made their fortunes in the old days.

When Ma Sans father was young, he had to walk more than 20 miles to reach the county city.

Ma San did not want to live a life like that.

He Mei tried to get him to calm down.

“I can do that, but can you guarantee success” He Mei said as she stared at Qiane.

“Isnt it unrelated to the He family whether I succeed or not Isnt that your original plan” Qiane said.

He Mei laughed and said, “Youve become much smarter after leaving my side.

100,000 dollars plus granting you your request.

Is that good enough”

Qiane nodded.

When Ma San saw that He Mei had agreed to what Qiane wanted, he immediately became anxious.

He pulled He Mei to one side and said, “Are you crazy Youre listening to that crazy woman”

He Mei turned around carefully and took a glance at Qiane.

She said in a low voice, “She definitely wont be able to come back after this is done.

At that time, the Xia family definitely wont let her off easily.

What is there for you to be scared of once she is in jail Dont tell me she can still come out and threaten me”

Only then did Ma San understand what He Mei had planned, but he was still a little worried.

“No, what if she really comes out Will you really send me away! I wont agree!” Ma San said audaciously.

He Mei looked at Ma San and gave him a wicked grin.

“I do have something on you.

Dont forget what you did outside last month.

If my sister finds out… do you think you can still stay alive”

Ma San suddenly panicked.

He had been extremely careful back then. How could He Mei have found out about this

He was a person who loved money and liked to gamble and womanize.

He often went to the red-light districts, where he enjoyed himself by using the money he took from the Shen and He families.

Many women approached him because of his wealth.

At first, these women were afraid that the He and Shen families would come looking for revenge, but when Ma San flaunted his generosity, they could not help but be tempted.

Ma San was usually very careful when he fooled around with them.

He took all kinds of precautions to make sure that he did not get these women pregnant.

Each time, he would check thoroughly to make sure that nothing went wrong.

However, an accident still happened…

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