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“For me, I dont need that much money.

If I fail or get caught by the Xia family, Ill be an outlaw and wont be able to spend this money.

I only have one request, but I dont know if youll agree,” Qiane said with a smile.

She turned to look at Ma San, who was “watching the scenery” at the side.

He Mei immediately understood what she meant and said, “I can agree to get my sister to divorce Ma San after this is done, so that you can be together again.”

Ma San looked at He Mei in shock. It was totally unexpected that this b*tch want to use him like that!

“You! What a woman!” Ma San said as he pointed at He Mei.

He Mei gave Ma San a look and he immediately restrained himself.

He still had to persevere for the sake of money.

As long as there was money, he was willing to do anything.

However, he thought it would be good for him to leave the He family.

In any case, he had long grown tired of Shen Na, and he felt they treated him like an animal in the He familys house.

It might be better to leave that place, and if he ended up with Qiane, he would be able to get his hands on the money that He Mei gave her! Then, he would be able to use this money to try his luck in the casino!


This could be a blessing in disguise!

If Qiane was disobedient, he would just beat her up.

In any case, Qiane would not be able to get pregnant anymore.

Nothing would happen to her just from getting beaten up.

Qiane did not expect this.

What He Mei was offering was indeed enough to tempt her.

Now, everyone in the neighborhood said that she was a jinx, an indecent person, and a money-losing good-for-nothing who got thrown away by a man.

If Ma San reconciled with her, then all the gossip would disappear.

No matter what she had to do to get back with him, she could at least stop others from gossiping about her.

Qiane sat down slowly and said, “Let me think about it.”

Seeing that Qiane was wavering, He Mei immediately said, “Ill still give you the money, and the man you want as well.

As long as you help me get rid of Qiao Meis child, you dont have to worry about what happens after that.”

Qiane raised her head and looked at Ma San, recalling how he made her lose her child previously.

No matter how she begged him, he did not send her to the hospital and took her money to gamble instead.

If not for Ma San, she might still be able to have a child in the future…

She did not know how she could have been so blind to fall for such a man back then.

She only had herself to blame for the current situation.

Even if she got back with Ma San, the gossip would not stop and would only become worse.

Once she thought things through, she felt more at ease.

“What do I need a second-hand good for To put at home and cause trouble for me He doesnt even have a proper job, so does that mean hes going to rely on me to support him I dont want him,” Qiane said.


Ma San looked at Qiane angrily.

He could not take it anymore.

“You slut! You were the one who seduced me back then! You were the one who insisted that you want to have a child with me! Now youre scolding me How shameless can you be! If you hadnt taken a fancy to my Ma familys wealth back then, would you be with me so wholeheartedly Youre a woman who only cares about money.

What right do you have to scold me” Ma San said as he grabbed Qianes collar.

Qiane widened her eyes and glared at Ma San as she said, “Pfft! You heartless thing! Back then, my family was considered to be a scholarly family.

Many people wanted to marry me, but I didnt agree! You say that I took a fancy to your money.

How much money do you have! Who do you think you are! Is your family ranked among the top few in the capital!”

What Qiane said was true.

At that time, her mother, Zhao Ni, was famous for being cultured and all-rounded.

Not only was she knowledgeable, but she also educated her children well.

In those days, Qiane had also won many domestic and international awards for her piano skills.

When it came to her talent, she was definitely ranked at the top in the capital.

Unfortunately, she met a bad person and ruined her life.

At the same time, she also brought shame to the Qian family and disgraced them for the rest of their lives.

She herself also became a shrew.

“You! Ill beat you to death today! Ill let you know what kind of thing you are!” Ma San raised his hand to slap Qiane.

He Mei went up to stop Ma San and said, “I think youre tired of living! Dont forget our agreement!”

Ma Sans hand froze in midair as he glared fiercely at He Mei.

Money! Money! Money! Using money to threaten him again!

He looked disdainfully at Qiane, who was suffocating under his grip, and slowly let go.

“Alright, I wont touch her.

Youd better keep your word and dont ignore everything for a woman.

If your little uncle comes back and finds out about it, lets see who will suffer,” Ma San said.

“Of course I know! You dont have to say anything! You dont have to worry about these things!” He Mei snapped at him.

He Ning must not know about all these things!

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