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He Mei looked at Qiane nonchalantly and said, “Why Im helping you.

Shouldnt you thank me for bringing your old lover here”

Qiane had bloodshot eyes by now.

She wished she could tie Ma San up and beat him up before washing his wounds with salt water every day, to let him experience the same kind of pain she went through when she had the abortion!

Ma San immediately went forward and said with a sad expression, “Xiaoe… listen to me.

I had my own difficulties back then.”

“What difficulties do you have! You heartless man! If not for you, would I have ended up like this! How dare you show yourself in front of me!” Qiane scolded.

“Its not what you think!” Ma San said.

“I dont want to see you! Get lost! I feel like throwing up if I have to take another look at you!” Qiane shouted.

He Mei looked at the two people locked in an argument and felt a headache coming on.

Ma San seemed to have turned a deaf ear to what she told him at home.

He was totally useless!

She said impatiently to Qiane, “Hurry up and get in the car.

Ill take you somewhere nice to talk.”

Upon hearing this, Qiane remembered that she still had something important to do today.

She must calm down now and not let Ma San mess up her emotions.

She still had a long time to deal with him.

She must endure everything now so that she could make He Mei pay a huge price in the future.

A little impatience would spoil great plans.

Qiane slowly regained her composure and looked at He Mei mockingly.

“Why should I go with you Who knows where youre taking me Lets talk here!”

He Mei looked around and said, “What if someone hears about our plan Its better to go to my place.”

“Jus say it! Otherwise, get lost and leave me alone!” Qiane scolded her angrily.

This place was not originally a park.

It used to be a mass grave with many dead people buried underground.

Later on, the government had asked a sorcerer to conduct a ritual so that they could build a park here.

However, many people still felt that it was an inauspicious place, so everyone only walked around the square at the front.

Basically, no one dared to come to this spot at the back of the park.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

If someone really walked in on their conversation, the He family would be in an even more difficult situation.

The He family was currently at the center of the storm.

If anything went wrong because of her, there would be no hope left for the He family.

He Mei frowned and did not know what she should do.

Qiane was currently the only person who could help her get rid of Qiao Mei.

If she missed out on this opportunity, Ma San might not be willing to follow her instructions next time.

After much hesitation, He Mei decided to stay.

“Come with me to the pavilion over there.

Its tiring to stand and talk.” Qiane walked away first and headed towards the pavilion.

He Mei quickly pulled Ma San back and whispered, “Speak nicely later and let her know that you still have feelings for her.

Do you understand!”

Ma San said unhappily, “If you ask me, I think we have come here for nothing today.

As if that crazy woman is able to do anything.

You might as well think of another way to save your little uncle.”

Previously, in order to cozy up to the He family, he had tried his best to find a way to marry the daughter of the He family.

When He Mei first came to look for him, he was filled with joy.

No one could resist the sight of her voluptuous chest.

He did not expect his marriage partner to be changed to He Meis cousin later on.

However, he did not raise any objections since she was still someone related to the He family.

After they got married, everyone in the Ma family received promotions at work, with help from the He family.

However, he did not become a valued member of the He family despite working as hard as a slave.

Shen Na even ordered him around as if he was a dog!

If not for the fact that the He family was currently in dire straits and the Ma family still had to rely on the He family to have a good life, he would not be doing what He Mei said!

“Shut up! What do you know! As long as something happens to Qiao Mei, the Xia family will definitely be in chaos! When Qiao Mei is in my hands, wont they give me anything I want” He Mei whispered.

When Qiane reached the pavilion, she saw He Mei and Ma San still standing next to the cars, muttering to each other and seemingly plotting in secret.

She was not in a hurry.

He Mei needed to beg her now as no one else could carry out this task except her.

“How much longer are the two of you going to chat to each other! If you dont want to talk, then Im leaving!” Qiane shouted.

He Mei used her eyes to warn Ma San not to act rashly and the two of them quickly walked to the pavilion.

He Mei sat opposite Qiane while Ma San sat beside her with a big smile on his face.

Qiane turned her body to one side and did not look at Ma San.

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