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Qiane hesitated for a while before deciding to agree to Qiao Meis request.

She said softly, “Alright, Ill try my best.”

“What time are you meeting” Qiao Mei asked as she looked at the clock on the wall.

“Two in the afternoon,” Qiane said.

“Got it.” After saying that, Qiao Mei hung up and said happily to Xia He, “Elder sister, grab your things and lets go watch the fun!”

As long as something exciting was happening somewhere, Qiao Mei could not help herself from going to take a look.

She was always worried about missing out on a good show.


Xia He hid a short dagger in her clothes.

It was something that Xia Jun had given her on her 18th birthday to celebrate her reaching adulthood.

The two of them set off once they were ready.

They arrived 20 minutes earlier than Qiane and He Mei so that they would not be discovered by He Mei.

After Qiane hung up the phone, she went to the pavilion located at the hill behind the park.

Actually, she had already prepared a pen, paper and an ink pad.

She was no longer the fool who had been played by He Mei back then! She also knew that she had to keep some proof to make He Mei afraid of her.

The He family had no one to rely on now.

He Wei had been taken away after sending He Li to the hospital.

He Mei had to handle all the family matters now.

That silly He Han could not be counted on at all.

He Mei looked at He Han with disdain and placed some porridge and vegetables on the table.

“Come and eat.”

After putting down the food, she left.

Although she did not like He Han, he was still her younger brother and a member of the He family.

She still pitied him.

In the living room, Ma San grinned as he stared at He Meis chest.

His eyes had been fixated on the same spot since she came out.

He Mei covered her chest and glared fiercely at Ma San.

“You despicable thing! Where are you looking at! If you continue to look at me, Ill get someone to poke your eyes out! Lets see if you still cherish your cheap life!”

Ma San lowered his head and muttered softly, “Pretentious b*tch.

Your He family is finished.

You still think youre some daughter of a rich family …”

He Mei glared at Ma San but did not say anything.

After all, she still had use for him at the moment.

Once her little uncle returned, she would definitely make Ma San die a horrible death!

“Ahem… Do you remember what I said” He Mei asked as she looked at Ma San.

Ma San said solicitously, “I know, I know.

Ill speak nicely today and lie to that woman that I want to reconcile with her.

Shell definitely listen to me obediently! Dont worry!”

He Mei nodded in satisfaction.

She had evidence that Ma San had gone out to party, gamble and solicit prostitutes.

She must thank He Li for providing her with all this information.

“Remember all the details and dont make any mistakes! My He family is indeed in trouble now, but its very easy to drag your Ma family down with us! Dont act rashly!” He Mei said.

Ma San nodded hurriedly and said, “Ill definitely do whatever you say and wont mess it up.”

“Na Na just got pregnant recently.

You have to take good care of her and dont let her suffer.

After this matter is settled, Ill give you 100,000 dollars.

I wont tell Na Na what youve done,” He Mei said.

Ma San was so excited that he almost knelt down in front of He Mei.

Nowadays, he would treat whoever had money to be his parents.

As long as they had money, anything was fine.

The Na Na that He Mei was talking about was He Meis maternal uncles daughter, Shen Na.

Back then, it was He Mei who set it up such that Ma San and Shen Na became a couple, causing Qiane to end up like this.

He Mei walked to the door and turned around to look at Ma San.

She asked, “Will you… rekindle your relationship with Qiane”

When Ma San heard the name, he immediately said disdainfully, “No! I feel disgusted just looking at that woman! Shes only in her 20s and already looks like my grandmother! Who would like such a woman!”


The two of them took separate cars and soon arrived at the hill behind the park.

As soon as He Mei got out of the car, Qiane rushed over.

“Why are you only here now! What time is it! Are you messing with me!” Qiane shouted angrily.

“Whats the hurry I was held up by something.

Why are you shouting” He Mei said as she rolled her eyes.

Qiane wanted to say something else, but when she saw Ma San getting out of another car, she was so stunned that she could not say anything.

“Xiaoe, its me.” Ma San went forward to hug Qiane excitedly.

Qiane pushed Ma San away and took a few steps back.

She pointed at Ma San and He Mei and said, “So this is your plan! Why is he here!”

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