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“Theres no need for me to walk into a trap myself.

Besides, the enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Were on the same side now,” Qiane said.

Qiao Mei thought for a moment and said, “You say that you and He Mei are enemies, but do you have any proof Whats the grudge between the two of you”

“In the beginning, she was the one who introduced me to Ma San.

Later on, He Mei actually asked her younger sister to seduce Ma San! In the end, it was all thanks to her that I lost my child and became infertile! Tell me, how can I not hate her!” Qiane roared.

She could still feel an ache in her heart when she thought of the past.

Her entire life was ruined by He Mei.

Qiao Mei was still worried.

After all, if she really collaborated with Qiane and then Qiane did something drastic that implicated the Xia family, the losses would outweigh the gains.

“Dont worry.

If we work together, Ill tell you everything I know.

When the time comes, Ill do whatever you want me to do.

After all, Im really not smart enough.

Since you can take down the He family, I believe you can also take down He Mei as well,” Qiane said.

“I still dont trust you.

I need time to consider if what you said is true.” Qiao Mei looked at Qiane intently.

It was a good thing as long as she was tempted.

Qiane had plenty of time to wait, but she did not know how much time Qiao Mei had left.

“Im afraid you dont have that much time,” Qiane said with a smile.

Qiao Mei looked at Qiane in puzzlement and asked, “Why”

“He Mei wants to give me a sum of money.

She says that she had let me down all these years and asks me to go to her house for a chat.

That everyone in her family is gone and she doesnt have anyone to help her now.

That she doesnt know how to save her father and her little uncle.

That as long as I lie to you, she will have a chance to threaten the Xia family and get them to protect her family,” Qiane said.

This offer of money was very tempting as her mother, Zhao Ni, worried about money every day.

The money from the He family would be enough to last the two of them for 10 years, but she wanted revenge more than money.

She wanted He Mei to experience the pain she felt before, and to know what it was like to experience the abuse from neighbors, the accusations from family, the disgust from friends, and the complete subversion of her life.

She was no longer the ignorant fool from before! This time, she must pull herself together!


He Mei must pay the price!

“So you have agreed” Qiao Mei asked.

“No, I didnt go to see her.

This was what she told me over the phone.

She asked me to go to her house to look for her, but I refused and said that I didnt have time, and that I would go another day,” Qiane said.

Xia He looked at Qiao Mei nervously.

She had never thought that things would get to this point, nor did she expect the He family to still target Qiao Mei even though the family was already in trouble.

“Ill wait until you have met He Mei before I decide if I want to work with you.

Bring He Mei to a public place where theres a spot for me to hide,” Qiao Mei said.

However, Qiane shook her head and said, “This wont work.

He Mei wont be stupid enough to come out and court danger.

There are many people trying to find ways to cause trouble for the He family now.

Shes currently hiding away in her fathers small house.

If I want to see her, I can only go there to look for her.”

“Just say that youre afraid shell do something to you since no one can guarantee your safety.

Say you want to meet at a public place thats not too crowded to ensure that youll be safe and shell be safe.

Then Ill be able to hear about He Meis schemes too,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiane hesitated.

It would not be easy to persuade He Mei on this matter, but Qiao Mei would not help her if she did not give it a try.

“Alright, Ill try.” Qiane looked at Qiao Mei determinedly.

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Then lets do it tomorrow afternoon.

When you have fixed a time, let me know in advance.

Dont use your house phone to call me or the He family might find out.”

Qiane nodded and got ready to leave the Xia familys house.

Xia He sent her to the main door.

She turned around to look at Xia He and hesitated.

“What else do you want” Xia He said impatiently.

“Elder sister Xiao He, I… Its nothing.

I hope youre well.

Im leaving.” Qiane had a bitter smile on her face as she slowly made her way home.

Watching the slender departing figure made Xia He feel bad.

She stood there for a long time before she sighed resignedly and closed the door to go back into the house.

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