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“Elder sister, are you stunned” Qiao Mei smiled at Xia He.

Xia He said agitatedly, “Yes, Ive never received such a thoughtful gift! I really like it so much.

Your embroidery is so good that I cant bear to wear it.”

“When I made it, I didnt know what you liked, so I embroidered lotuses to match your name.

Dont worry and wear them boldly.

Ill make clothes for you every year!” Qiao Mei said.

Xia He folded the clothes one by one and carefully put them away.

These were all her treasures.

She would only wear these handmade clothes from Qiao Mei at formal occasions.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

They heard loud knocks on the door.

Xia He stood up and said, “Ill open the door.

Is Xiao Zhe back Didnt you say that he wont be back tonight”

Qiao Mei did not fight with Xia He to open the door.

She sat obediently on the sofa and thought about clothes that she could make for Xia He next time.

In the entire Xia family, Xia He was the person she liked the most, followed by Aunt.

These two people treated her extremely well and thought of her first whenever they had nice clothes and delicious food, making her feel the warmth of having a family and siblings.

In her other life, she was a loner and did not even have a good friend.

Her parents did not get along and always quarreled over trivial matters, so she had always yearned for a happy family and a brother to take care of her.

In this life, she must be nice to the people who treated her well and not leave any regrets!

There was suddenly a commotion at the door.

No one knew who Xia He was arguing with, but it sounded like a woman.

Qiao Mei walked towards the door curiously and saw the disheveled Qiane glaring at Xia He with her hands on her hips.

“Whats wrong, elder sister” Qiao Mei walked forward and asked.

“This woman said that shes looking for you.

How shameless of her to make her way to our house,” Xia He said as she rolled her eyes.

When Qiane saw Qiao Mei coming out, she calmed down.

She did not come here to cause trouble, but rather, she had something to tell Qiao Mei.

Earlier on the streets, she had only slandered Qiao Mei because she failed to suppress her feelings.

Qiao Mei sized up Qiane for a while and asked, “Whats the matter”

“Its about the He family.” Qiane looked at Qiao Mei calmly.

Qiao Mei turned sideways and said to Qiane, “Come in and talk.

There are too many people outside.”

Qiane nodded.

When she walked in, she deliberately avoided Xia He.

The kick that Xia He gave her just now was still hurting.

Xia He grabbed Qiao Mei anxiously and whispered, “Are you crazy! Do you know that youre inviting a wolf into your house How are you going to explain it if she causes trouble at home Its fine if nothing happens to you, but if anything happens, father will definitely blame me.

What if I cant subdue her!”

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