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When Qiane was young, she would always hang around the entrance of the apartment complex to look at Xia Zhe.

She was gentle and virtuous and was proficient in the arts.

Her warm and cheerful appearance was especially likable.

At that time, Xia He had thought that if Xia Zhe was agreeable, she would become related to the Qian family, so she always jokingly called Qiane her sister-in-law.

She did not expect things to end up like this.

Xia He looked at her with sympathy and pity.

Qiane also noticed Xia Hes expression and stopped shouting.

She questioned, “Why are you looking at me like that!”

“Im Xia Zhes elder sister, Xia He,” Xia He said calmly.

Qiane froze on the spot.

She did not expect the woman with Qiao Mei to be Xia He!

Back then, everyone in the Xia family looked down on her and ignored her.

Only Xia He was willing to talk to her and even told her that it did not matter what others think and that she should pursue Xia Zhe if she liked him.

Qiane could not quite accept the surprise and pity in Xia Hes eyes.

She should not have behaved like this today, but it was too late and she could no longer care less.

“Since youre his elder sister, you should ask your younger brother to leave this vicious woman! How can you tolerate her seducing another man outside” Qiane pointed at Qiao Mei and said.

Xia He explained, “This is my husband, not some other man.”

After she said that, she did not expect Qiane to think differently from others and to actually think that Qiao Mei was trying to seduce her brother-in-law!

“Alright! I didnt expect you to be so cheap! You actually seduced your brother-in-law!” Qiane said.

The people around them gasped.

When Kong Lu heard that he was now involved, he hurriedly tried to explain to everyone that this matter had nothing to do with him.

“Elder sister, lets go.

Lets not get entangled with this person.” Qiao Mei was unwilling to waste her time on Qiane.

Qiane rushed forward and grabbed Qiao Meis wrist to pull her back.

Xia He felt that Qiao Mei was in danger and went up to kick Qiane in the stomach.

Xia He held on to Qiao Mei tightly, afraid that she would get injured.

She looked coldly at Qiane, who was on the ground, and said, “Stay away from her.”

Qiao Mei looked at Xia He with admiration.

She did not expect that the person to protect her one day would be Xia He, who was also a woman.

It seemed that she had to learn some martial arts from Xia Zhe.

Elder sister really looked too cool just now!!!

“Help! Someone hit me! Ouch! It hurts so much!” Qiane lay on the ground and rolled around while holding her stomach.

“Lets go, Mei Mei.

Lets ignore her,” Xia He said with a frown.

“Hey! How can you leave!” an onlooker said.

“Thats right.

Look, she cant even stand up after being beaten up by you.

You cant leave!”

“Apologize to the girl! Take her to the hospital!”

The commotion became more and more intense and seemed that it would soon reach an irreconcilable stage.

Kong Lu took advantage of the fact that everyone was attacking Qiao Mei and Xia He to quietly slip away.

This matter had nothing to do with him and he hoped that he would not be implicated.


At this moment, Qiao Mei slowly squatted on the ground and started crying loudly.

No one in the surrounding knew why.

Xia He was also baffled by Qiao Meis actions.

“What she said is all not true! My husband and I are in love and she keeps slandering me.

She likes my husband, but even though he rejected her, she refused to give up! Shes framing me!” Qiao Mei said as she wept.

Xia Hes heart ached as she held onto Qiao Mei.

She thought that Qiao Mei was really aggrieved and almost went up to kick Qiane again to vent her anger on behalf of Qiao Mei.

The more Qiao Mei spoke, the sadder she became.

She leaned into Xia Hes arms and wept even louder.

She secretly poked Xia Hes palm with her finger and Xia He immediately understood that this clever girl was pretending.

“You! Youre talking nonsense! You are the one who seduced your brother-in-law! Not only did you seduce your brother-in-law! You even seduced another man!” Qiane was so angry that she sat up with difficulty and berated Qiao Mei.

“Everyone, dont listen to her slandering me.

She was engaged to someone else and got pregnant before she got married.

In the end, she lost her child and the engagement was broken off.

Thats why shes so delirious.

Shes just jealous that I married my husband and she really wants to slander me! Besides, my husband and I already had an arranged marriage when we were children.

If you dont believe me, you can ask my elder sister!” Qiao Mei said as she continued to weep.

Xia He said to the people around them, “Its true.

Im her husbands elder sister.

Its true.”

Everyone quickly changed their tune and spoke to Qiane with disdain.

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