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Qiao Mei laughed and said, “How can that be Its just that the flowers we have at home are a little too boring and I want to buy something thats easy for my mother to take care of.”

When the old master heard that it was meant for her elder, he felt relieved.

He could not bear to see flowers going to waste.

If Qiao Mei did that, he would not sell them to her in the future!

Xia He made a move to throw away the soil in the pots.

The soil had already hardened and it was obvious that it could not be used anymore.

“Hey! Dont do this!” Qiao Mei hurriedly went forward to stop her.

Xia He looked at Qiao Mei in puzzlement and asked, “The flowers are already dead.

This soil must not be fertile anymore.

What do you need it for”

“Its fine, its fine.

I have my ways.

Dont worry, Lets take them back like this.

I think it looks alright.” Qiao Mei hurriedly put the six pots of flowers together.

The old master looked behind Qiao Mei and saw that there was no man around nor a car outside to pick her up.

He asked, “Young girl, how are you going to bring these six pots of flowers and so many other things with you”

Qiao Mei thought for a moment and asked, “Can you… deliver”

The old master snorted and said, “No.”

There was a vehicle in the backyard, but it was used to transport fruit trees.

Usually, these flowers and plants were cultivated by the people who bought them and did not need to be transported, otherwise the buyers would come to pick up their things themselves.

“Alright, can I leave them here for now and get someone to come and pick them up later” Qiao Mei asked.

The old master nodded.

He did not want to make things difficult for two women, one of whom was pregnant.

If word got out, he would become a joke.

Given that this young girl was good-looking and knew her stuff, he did not want to be so calculative with her.

“Thank you so much, old master.

I forgot to bring my flowers today.

Ill get someone to send the flowers to you next time,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

“Its not as if I like your flowers.” The old master slowly walked back to the rocking chair to lie down and continue basking in the sun.

Qiao Mei had thought of a new way to earn money.

If she started a logistics company now, she would be able to make a killing! However, this was something that would take up a lot of manpower and resources, and it might not even be allowed.

Such a business needed the governments approval.

After Qiao Mei and Xia He left the nursery, they took the bus to the small park near the house to relax.

If they went back now, Liu Fen would still be around and they would have to endure her lecture.

“Elder sister, if I want to buy and sell things now, do I have to go to the government for an audit ” Qiao Mei asked curiously.

Xia He thought that Qiao Mei wanted to start a small business and said with a smile, “If you want to start a small business, you can apply for a shop space and then get all the necessary permits.

That will do and its all very simple.

But if you want to open a restaurant, then it wont be easy.

There are a lot of requirements to be met, like hygiene and safety.”

Qiao Mei shook her head and told Xia He about her idea to start a logistics company.

Xia He frowned and said, “This is a good idea, but you wont be able to do it now.”

Qiao Mei asked curiously, “Why”

“Lets not talk about whether this matter can be done first.

Who are your clients Who has the ability to buy so many things like our family Just look at the things you bought today, you must have spent about 100 dollars.

Which ordinary family can spend so much money to buy things,” Xia He said.

Qiao Mei nodded thoughtfully.

What Xia He said did make sense.

“Also, its not possible for you to do something so formal.

Nowadays, the companies that sell large electrical appliances have their own professionals to come and do the installation.

Places like the nursery have their own specialized drivers to transport goods.

Although your method is indeed something totally unheard of, I dont think its very practical now,” Xia He said to Qiao Mei truthfully.

Qiao Mei did not expect Xia He to know all these things.

Initially, Qiao Mei thought that this business still had some value to it, but now it seemed to be indeed very difficult.

Qiao Mei quickly gave up on this idea and decided to wait for a few more years.

Xia He raised her head and looked at the surrounding houses, saying to Qiao Mei after some hesitation, “Mei Mei, do you think I should buy a small house in the capital in the future”

“Huh Elder sister, why do you suddenly want to get a house” Qiao Mei was a little shocked.

Qiao Mei had also thought about this issue before.

She wanted Xia He and Xia Wen to buy a courtyard house in the capital to live in, but she did not have a chance to talk to them about it yet.

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