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“Lets buy some cactus.

Arent there three pots of cactus at the door Ill think thats good enough.

Mother doesnt know how to take care of these things.

Its already good enough that she waters them once a week.

Dont buy flowers and plants, theyll just be wasted,” Xia He said.

“Let me take a look.” Qiao Mei started choosing seriously.

She was actually looking for the orchid that she had killed back then.

When she first heard that it was sent over by He Ning, she had absorbed all the energy from the orchid.

However, ever since she knew that she could obtain plants memories, she felt that the pot of flowers would be very useful.

If she could manage to find something on He Ning, then it would really be an effortless reward.

The old master also walked over leisurely.

He was afraid that Qiao Mei would come and ask him for his rare and precious plants again.

All the flowers in this yard were those that he had put in a lot of effort over the past few years.

There was only one of each even after so many years and they were all meant to be ornamental plants.

“Old master, wheres the flower I saw the last time I came to your place” Qiao Mei asked.

“I wont sell that.

Ive nurtured it for many years.

I wont sell it to anyone,” the old master said stubbornly.

Qiao Mei suddenly realized that there were many more withered orchids around the orchid plant in the corner.

She walked over and asked, “Are you selling these”

“These are flowers that other people dont want.

What do you want it for” The old master looked at Qiao Mei in puzzlement.

In the eyes of the old master, these flowers were not salvageable.

Even an immortal could not save them.

“I… Ive taken a fancy to these flower pots!” Qiao Mei said as she pointed at the flower pots.

“Young lady, you have good taste.

These are not ordinary flower pots,” the old master said with a smile.

Not ordinary Are they not just the most ordinary clay flower pots There are some patterns engraved on them, but they are not antiques.

Are they worth a lot of money

Seeing Qiao Meis puzzled expression, the old master said disdainfully, “You dont even know which master made them and you want to buy them”

“This… I just think that the flower pots are very beautiful.

How much are they” Qiao Mei asked.

“Its 10 dollars each,” the old master said.

Selling them for 10 dollars each was still too low a price for him.

This was the work of the famous master in this circle, Wei Guang.

He rarely made such exquisite flower pots anymore.

In the eyes of the people in this industry, these things were just getting rarer and rarer.

He really felt that it was a steal to get it at 10 dollars.

Xia He looked at the old master in shock and said, “10 dollars each! Its so expensive!”

“Young girl! What do you know! This is the work of a master.

Go out and ask around and see if Im scamming you by selling it for 10 dollars,” the old master said angrily.

Qiao Mei was also a little surprised, but for the sake of He Nings flowers, she did not care less.

“These, give me as many as you have.

I want them all,” Qiao Mei said as she pointed at the flowers in the corner.

“Six pots, 60 dollars.

Not a single cent less,” the old master said with his arms crossed.

Qiao Mei pointed at the cactus outside and asked, “Will those bloom”

“Yes, but its very difficult.

Certain ones can bloom,” the old master said.

Cactuses could indeed bloom if they were well taken care of.

Buying them could count as buying flowers.

“And do you have any sword lilies here” Qiao Mei asked as she looked at the surrounding flowers and plants.


Cactus costs 30 cents each.

Sword lilies are cheap, its 10 cents each.” The old master looked at Qiao Mei curiously.

She used to ask about beautiful and expensive things.

He wondered why she was asking about things that were easy to grow today.

“Give me three cactuses, six sword lilies and 10 ordinary clay flower pots with some simple patterns on them,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Xia He wanted to stop Qiao Mei from buying more, but then she remembered that Qiao Mei did not lack this money at all.

What was the point of keeping so much money if she did not spend it Money would not grow on its own.

“Mei Mei, there are still six pots here.

If we just bring the pots back, what are we going to grow inside” Xia He asked.

Qiao Mei had originally intended to save these orchids, but saying this in front of the old master would make her seem like she was boasting.

After hesitating for a while, she said, “I havent planted all the flower seeds I bought from old master last time.

I can plant those.”

“Young girl, dont tell me those flowers you took from me had died and youre looking for new ones that are easy to grow!” The old master widened his eyes and looked at Qiao Mei.

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