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Kong Lu asked uneasily, “But Im sick.

What can I do”

Old Madam Kong scolded, “Hasnt that vixen in the capital send you for treatment Whats the point of her having so much money I already know that shes not a good person! Youre sick and she still doesnt render help! Tell me, what kind of scourge did you marry!”

“Does that mean you arent giving me the money even though Im sick” Kong Lu asked in disbelief.

Very quickly, the person on the other end put down the phone without a word.

Kong Lu looked at the phone receiver in his hand and smiled bitterly.

Initially, he only thought that his mother was overly concerned about his younger siblings because they were all young and needed someone to take care of them.

As the eldest brother, he should help them more.

He had never felt that Old Madam Kong was biased.

From the looks of it now, even if he died of illness in the capital, she would not come over to take a look.

Kong Lu walked down the street in a daze.

He knew that if he asked for money to compensate the Xia family for the television set, Old Madam Kong would definitely not give it to him.

However, he did not expect Old Madam Kong to ignore his request even though it concerned his life.

When Kong Lu was young, his younger brother could get anything he wanted.

Old Madam Kong was even able to get her hands on things that cost an astronomical sum.

However, Kong Lu could only use those things when his younger siblings were done with them.

He thought that they were all Old Madam Kongs children and all her own flesh and blood.

Could it be that only his younger brother was her biological son and he was not…


After hanging up, the more Old Madam Kong thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Kong Lu had always been the most obedient child.

Why would he ask her for money when he fell sick in the capital Was the Xia family really that heartless

That vixen must have instigated her son to cheat her of her money! That must be it!

“This heartless little brat! When you leave my sight, you get influenced by that little b*tch! You soft-hearted thing! You still want to cheat me of my money! Pfft!” Old Madam Kong said in exasperation.


She hurriedly ran downstairs to the neighbors resting area to start “singing opera”.

Xia He valued her reputation very much.

The old lady knew that as long as she went out to cause a ruckus, Xia He would compromise and agree to all her requests obediently.

She could get anything she wanted and it worked every time.

“Oh my heavens! Why is my life so hard!” Old Madam Kong cried out as she got closer to the crowd.

“Whats wrong with you” a neighbor asked.

“That son of mine! Hes so pitiful! He went to the capital on a business trip and fell sick there! My heartless daughter-in-law actually ignored him! Just now, my son even called me to ask for money for treatment!” Old Madam Kong wept and complained tearfully.

Old Madam Kong sobbed and told her story as if it was the truth.

Everyone scolded Xia He for being heartless and not being a good wife and even comforted Old Madam Kong, asking her to relax and not argue with an insensible junior.

Qiao Mei finished cooking very quickly.

Liu Fen and Xia Zhe returned home just as she brought out the dishes.

“Xia Zhe! You still have the cheek to come back! Stand there!” Xia He pointed at Xia Zhe and scolded him angrily.

Xia Zhe was not afraid at all but Liu Fen, who was beside him, got so frightened that she dropped everything in her hands.

“Xiao He, whats wrong with you Why cant you talk to Xiao Zhe nicely Youre a girl and should not have such a bad temper.

When you go back to the Kong family, your mother-in-law will nag at you,” Liu Fen said.

“Second Aunt-in-law, do you know that Xia Zhe actually brought Qiao Mei to the He familys house this morning!” Xia He said.

Liu Fen was also shocked when she heard this.

She had only heard a little about it, something about the He family committing some huge crime and that it had been a very dangerous situation at that time.

He Lis leg had been broken by Jiang Shu in the process.

“This… Xiao Zhe, youre too much.

How can you bring Qiao Mei to such a dangerous place! But Xiao He, dont be so fierce and scold your younger brother.

Your younger brother might not have done it on purpose,” Liu Fen said.

Xia He looked at Liu Fen helplessly.

Even if it was Xia Zhes fault, Liu Fen would still be able to blame it on her in the end.

In Liu Fens eyes at the moment, she was a bad wife with a bad temper.

“Its not elder sisters fault! Its not Xia Zhes fault either! I was the one who insisted on going! Everyone, come and eat.

I cooked fish today!” Qiao Mei went forward and pulled Liu Fen to the dining table to sit down while winking at Xia He.

“Alright, your wife already told me not to scold you.

Come and eat.” Xia He asked Xia Zhe to come over for dinner.

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